8 Details Often Overlooked When You Don't Hire Decca Janitorial Service
Trying to do your office cleaning with your staff? Without a professional janitorial service, there are a variety of things that can be overlooked.

You want your office to be a place where your team can maximize their creativity, productivity, and contentment at work. But, when you try to take on the demands of a commercial janitorial service yourself, chances are you’ll compromise your employees’ experience in the office. Because let’s face it, when you don’t employ professional janitorial services, there it’s far more likely certain details may go overlooked and remain unclean and unsanitary for days, even weeks.

If you are hesitant about why you should invest in a quality and professional janitorial service, perhaps the following often-overlooked details might help change your mind:

1. Carpets and floors not thoroughly cleaned

Dust, dirt, and other debris such as hair can accumulate quickly if they aren’t cleaned frequently with commercial cleaning equipment. Without thorough cleaning, these things are known to contribute to poor air quality, allergies, and even respiratory illnesses. Additionally, they can create a thick layer of debris, crumbs, and dust bunnies that can seep through and embed in the bottom layers of your carpeting. A commercial janitorial service can help prevent such problems.

2. Stains and spills on surfaces – a janitorial service knows where to look!

Common in office environments is the incidences of spills – particularly those that can cause stains – on surfaces from desks to floors. These can easily go overlooked if you don’t use a janitorial service.

Your staff may think they’ve adequately cleaned spills in the office, but it’s amazing how much gets missed. Office spills and stains are common problems that can be easily remedied by hiring an office janitorial service. With protocols and a cleaning plan, a professional janitorial service ensures that even those spills that extend beyond what is immediately visible are addressed.

A lack of proper, regular cleaning in the office creates an unsanitary work environment for your team. Spills can cause bad odours and leave unsightly stains. It’s not uncommon for residue to accumulate on chairs and desks. While it looks bad, it also creates a welcoming environment for bacteria to grow. As a result, your office presents an unprofessional impression and negatively impacts the experience for your employees, including bad morale and less productivity.

A regular professional cleaning routine helps to address this residue that can deteriorate office furniture, leaving unsightly stains and take care of spills before they can stain or cause permanent damage.

3. Mould

Another result of not addressing spills, as well as other issues involving moisture, is mould. A fungus that can grow in a variety of environments, mould thrives on sources of food as well as moisture. Mould releases spores into the air which can be very harmful to people with conditions such as allergies or asthma and other lung and respiratory issues.

Mould, as it lives in places that tend to be damp and dark with limited airflow, often goes unnoticed for a long time. Left untreated, it poses serious dangers to office health and safety. The first step to mitigating mould is staying on top of spills, particularly in those places that tend to be less visible and dark.

4. Trash cans overflowing

Managing office trash may seem like an easy task. In reality, there’s more to it than meets the eye. Trash cans throughout the office need to be emptied frequently. Trash receptacles that are allowed to overflow, look terrible and emit unpleasant odours. Full trash cans can lead to a variety of problems including annoying pests such as flies and mice. Office bathrooms, kitchens, and office desks all contain garbage receptacles that must be emptied every day and cleaned frequently.

Keep in mind, when you have several people at a time sharing a kitchen, break room, or other shared space, it’s easy for trash to collect. And when garbage piles up so do the opportunities for bacteria to grow. If you can’t stay on top of it, you could be exposing your team to harmful infections such as Salmonella or E-coli.

5. Keep your plumbing clean and free of clogs

A stained or clogged toilet or sink can be a huge inconvenience to your workforce, but it also presents negatively on your business. Plain and simple, it just looks bad!

And, when they are left cleaned inadequately, inconveniences can evolve into big problems. They can also pose health risks to your team and your customers. If you leave the bathroom cleaning to staff you risk it being done to a substandard level of cleanliness and sanitization. And, that’s not a slight against your employees. But, like your trash management, there’s more to it than many of us know. A professional and expert janitorial service will know how to clean your toilets, urinals, and sinks thoroughly and efficiently with the health and safety of your business front of mind.

6. A janitorial service prevents odours that linger

Bad odours in the office are NEVER OK! It’s a total turn-off for your employees and your customers. If you notice foul odours, chances are it’s due to inadequate cleaning and even your HVAC system.
When you hire a professional janitorial company they can deal with bad, stinky elements and stains that can permeate your workplace.  Thorough carpet and floor cleaning and attention to detail for the cleanliness of your desks and cabinetry – and the corners behind! –  help to break down organic components that can cause bad odours over time.

No one wants to work for a business that doesn’t care enough about their health than to provide a professionally cleaned work environment. The most effective and best way to ensure your office is as clean and healthy as possible is to invest in a professional janitorial service and all the benefits they offer to you and your staff. And your bottom line.

When you make the choice to use a commercial janitorial service, you enjoy the valuable peace of mind that comes with knowing you are providing the cleanest workplace possible.

Janitorial services should be an integral component to your office maintenance. If you’d like to learn more about the benefits of a commercial janitorial service, CONTACT US!

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