Industrial Cleaning ServicesWhen it comes to your industrial plant or warehouse, it is important to keep a clean and safe environment. Keeping your industrial plant clean can decrease health issues and accidents, as well as improve your operations efficiency. It is very important to all business owners to keep their facilities up to health and safety standards.

All work performed by Decca Janitorial Services adheres to proper procedures for industry sanitation, cleanliness and safety standards. Decca Janitorial Services is experienced working with a wide range of industrial plant assets such as conveyors, condensers, tanks, heat exchangers, printing presses and more. Below are a few key services we offer to help keep your premise clean:

  • Degreasing and/or cleaning heavy equipment
  • Degreasing and/or cleaning food packaging and processing equipment
  • Concrete line removal
  • Industrial plant floor degreasing
  • Industrial plant floor scrubbing
  • Industrial plant floor sealing
  • Industrial plant wall, ceiling, girder cleaning

All by-products from the cleaning process are disposed of in a safe manner to ensure all government regulations are met.

We have a long list of clients we have dealt with in the past and would be pleased to forward you a copy of our references on request.