Day Porter Services TorontoDecca Janitorial Services provides regular, on-site custodial and day porter services for large or busy buildings that require constant cleaning and up-keep during business hours. Our friendly, uniformed team of professionals will maintain a clean and safe business environment while remaining unobtrusive.

What is a Day Porter Service?

A day porter can keep your building clean and in good repair. They will provide vital services that keep your facility running smoothly, such as:

  • Lobby maintenance
  • Cleaning common areas like kitchens, cafeterias, and patios
  • Monitoring, restocking, and servicing restrooms
  • Removing trash and debris

Don’t leave all of the cleaning up to your staff or late night janitorial cleaners. Our courteous day porters and custodial staff stay on top of garbage, clutter, dirt, and grime build up, without you having to think about it.

More than just cleaning, these valuable members of your team help support the positive image of your building or facility.

Maintaining a safe and sanitary facility will help to increase your companies productivity, by allowing your staff to focus on their work. It will also help to prevent injuries (and possible lawsuits), by providing immediate attention and clean up of various spills and accidents that can happen throughout the day. Not only will our day porter service give your building a clean and professional look, but it can also help to offset costs, by reducing your after hours janitorial bill.

High Attention To Detail

The day porters at Decca Janitorial Services work the entire premise of your commercial property, both inside and outside. Not only will the day porters keep your trash cans empty, the lobbies and hallways clean, the bathrooms spotless and the parking lots or sidewalks swept, but they also perform minor maintenance tasks such as re-lamping of burnt out lights and determining if outlets, locks, etc. need to be repaired or replaced.

Below is a sample of the list of services our day porters provide to our clients:

  • Keeping high traffic, common areas such as lobbies, reception desks, kitchens, etc. continuously clean
  • Emptying, wiping down, and relining garbage cans
  • Washroom cleaning and maintenance
  • Respond to cleaning emergencies such as spills or broken glass
  • Prepare and clean conference rooms before and after meetings
  • Dusting and keeping cobwebs down
  • Sanitizing and disinfecting surfaces
  • Parking lot and sidewalk sweeping
  • Dumpster clean-up and maintenance
  • Window Washing
  • Re-stock supplies when needed
  • Minor maintenance such as painting or re-lamping

Please give us a call to discuss our services, as our day porter services can be customized to your property.

Decca Janitorial Services is a fully bonded, insured, and licensed commercial cleaning company. We are so confident in the cleaning services that we offer what our competition will not, a customer satisfaction guarantee!