If yours is a business that enjoys high-volume traffic, a sparkling clean environment will keep them coming back!

You want your customers focused on your products, not your floors! Decca Janitorial Services brings extensive skill and experience to ensure our high volume retail clients are showcasing the best of who they are and the products they sell.

The appearance of your store is not only a reflection of the product or service you’re selling but of your values as a business as well. As such, it is critical that your store is reliably pristine in order to enhance your company image and maintain – and, ideally, grow – foot traffic in the store.

Through our years of experience in retail maintenance, we are able to tailor a cleaning program specifically designed for your unique needs.  Decca understands the importance of a retail space’s first impression as well as your need for a full service customized cleaning program.

Using the most up-to-date equipment and supplies, we make sure you are getting only the best to maintain the appearance of your store.

A keen attention to cleanliness and detail is essential for showing the world the best of what you have to offer.

Some of the services we provide:

  • Complete maintenance of polished concrete floors using the latest technology
  • Using different coloured cloths in washrooms and the retail and office areas to ensure the well being of both staff and customers
  • Green cleaning program using only environmental products that meet your approval
  • The option of a LEEDS building program
  • Licensed lift truck operators for high dusting if needed
  • One stop shopping for all your cleaning needs
  • Cleaning staff on standby in the event a cleaner cannot show up for work

Decca knows that an immaculate environment is necessary to present your products and services in the best possible light. Keeping floors, windows, and surfaces clean even with high volume customer traffic requires experienced cleaning professionals with a consistent delivery.

We serve all manner of retail businesses: grocery stores, clothing stores, furniture and appliances stores, salons and spas, and many more. Let Decca work to help you ensure that your visitors and customers enjoy the most positive experience possible!