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Decca Janitorial Sanitizing and Cleaning Your Commercial Facility Washrooms

Sanitizing and Cleaning Your Commercial Facility Washrooms – The Basics!

Decca Janitorial Sanitizing and Cleaning Your Commercial Facility Washrooms

The first impression isn’t just about your lobby – properly sanitizing and cleaning your commercial facility washrooms is even more important.

In most commercial facilities, the washrooms use approximately 5% of the space – but 20% of the mess! They’re also the source of more than 80% of complaints. But they don’t have to be!

We know that businesses like yours work diligently to provide the very best in product and/or service to your clients. But, if you don’t prioritize sanitizing and cleaning your commercial facility washrooms on a regular basis, you may risk leaving an impression that isn’t representative of the quality of your business.

No matter the sector, the fact is, the state of your commercial washrooms says a great deal about your business. And maintaining the cleanliness and sanitization of your restrooms will result in not only more clean and hygienic facilities with an appearance that’s wonderfully enhanced, but customers who are more satisfied and a great image of your business.

Frequently cleaning your commercial facility washrooms pays – literally!

According to this survey by Sofidel (a leading provider of hygienic papers), negative online reviews about the condition of public washrooms easily discourage people from visiting certain businesses such as restaurants (89 per cent) and hotels (91 per cent).

It was a survey conducted by over 2000 American adults, roughly 75 per cent of whom cited dirty washrooms as the top washroom issue that would prohibit them from visiting a restaurant or hotel.

Another recent survey commissioned of approximately 1,000 adults uncovered that as many as 94 per cent of respondents would actively avoid a business if they encountered washrooms that were unclean. The study broke down the results by business:

  • Restaurants – 79 per cent
  • Hotels – 79 per cent
  • Healthcare – 77 per cent
  • Grocery – 50 per cent
  • Retail – 45 per cent
  • Gas Stations – 45 per cent
  • Auto Dealerships – 39 per cent

The state of your commercial facility washrooms – the issues!

There are a variety of washroom issues that will impact the impression of visitors on your business – bad odours and dirty, or worse, clogged toilets topping the list. If your business doesn’t keep on top of these issues, you increase your chances that customers will not return.

You must prioritize sanitizing, disinfecting, and cleaning your commercial facility washrooms. The state of your bathrooms is critical to your bottom line!

According to the Cintas Corporation study mentioned above, the main issues reported include:

  • Foul odours
  • Dirty and/or clogged toilets
  • Washrooms that are out-of-order or closed
  • Restroom essentials not properly stocked – toilet paper, paper towels, and soap
  • Broken dispensers for soap or paper products
  • Dirty, grubby sinks

According to Senior Director of Marketing at Cintas, Dave Mesko, “To satisfy customers, businesses must ensure restrooms are consistently stocked, clean, dry, and functioning.” The state of your commercial washrooms – exceptionally clean and hygienic – matters to your customers and will stick in their memories. Your business restroom facilities should welcome your customers, the cleanliness of which providing them with a sense of safety and security that extends to the rest of your customer service.

Even if they don’t appear obviously dirty, your business washrooms require routine cleaning and sanitizing.  Without thorough, frequent cleaning, it’s the germs and bacteria they continue to harbour that can potentially make visitors, customers, and employees ill. When you have hygienic and healthy bathrooms they will have stocked supplies, properly functioning plumbing, and product dispensers in reliable working order.

Keeping your restrooms up to a certain standard means routine checks throughout the day to ensure that any issues – empty toilet paper and paper towel dispensers, dirty and clogged toilets, or wet, slippery wet floors – can be quickly addressed with your customer health and satisfaction safely intact.

What you need – cleaning products, materials, equipment

To enjoy the best in service and peace of mind, a commercial janitorial service such as Decca Janitorial is a great option to know that your commercial facility washrooms are always at their very best. A commercial cleaning service has the knowledge, skills, and experience, that your staff likely doesn’t, to do the job right.

Additionally, though, to do the job well, you’ll need a variety of products on hand: all-purpose cleaners and disinfectants, toilet bowl cleaner and disinfectant, glass and window cleaner, metal polishes, drain cleaner: enzyme or acid, floor cleaner, room and surface deodorizers, and speciality cleaning agents such as lime and scale removers.

The right materials and equipment are also important – keep in mind that a good commercial janitorial service is fully equipped! Consider these items for the easiest way to manage and maintain your cleaning arsenal: a waste collection bin, trigger sprayers for any harsh or corrosive chemicals, mild cleaning chemicals, tank or pump sprayers, mop pails and wringers, wet mop heads, wet mop holders and handles, floor squeegees, brooms, dust mop, sponges, microfiber cloths, wipes, gloves, and goggles. A custodial cart is helpful to keep it all together and within easy reach.

Best practices for proper, effective, and safe cleaning

  • Thoroughly clean, sanitize, and disinfect all of those areas that are high-touch points – door handles, dispensers, sinks, toilets, and urinals. Depending on the product, you’ll probably need to let the solution sit on the surface for a recommended time. Always follow instructions on the product label.
  • Beware how you mix cleaning chemicals, particularly if they contain bleach – some combinations can create dangerous chlorine gas. Most cleaning products are carefully formulated – they must be used in very specific concentrations for very specific surfaces and with the appropriate protocols.
  • Visible soils should be spot cleaned and disinfected – stalls and walls, in particular. Disposable microfiber cloths are very effective so as to apply cleaning and disinfecting products. Thoroughly dry the metal surfaces after disinfecting. Use glass cleaner and metal polish on metal fixtures – wipe thoroughly to prevent polish buildup.
  • Routinely check supplies such as toilet paper, paper towel and soap dispensers and anything else that requires refilling. Empty, clean, and disinfect sanitary napkin receptacles and trash bins. Be sure to air dry before replacing liners or bags – prevents bacteria and odours.
  • Cover inside of toilet bowls with cleaner and allow to sit for the recommended time.  For everyday use, a non-acid bowl cleaner is all that’s necessary. In a daily cleaning routine, you should be able to prevent mineral or hard water stains. If it’s been a while between cleanings, the toilet bowl cleaner may need to sit for an extended length of time to be effective.
  • Only once the surfaces above the floor level have been properly cleaned, can you sweep or dust mop the floor – from the furthest corner in the room to the door. All dirt, grime, and debris need to be removed before wet-mopping with a microfiber flat mop and the appropriate cleaner and disinfectant for your floor surface.

If you follow this list of best practices on a routine and regular basis, you can be better assured of the cleanest and most hygienic washroom possible, that looks good and helps your customers feel safe and happy. Enjoy better, more consistent, customer satisfaction!

If you are able to manage all that the cleanest restrooms require, and the staff able to clean and disinfect properly, you should be offer the most hygienic bathrooms possible.

If not, Decca Janitorial Service is happy to take on the heavy lifting – and the best commercial cleaning – possible. We are more than happy to disinfect, deep clean, and maintain your commercial facility washrooms using the best, most effective products, materials, equipment, and protocols.

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