Decca Janitorial Property Management Cleaning – A Handy Checklist

Among our many services, we specialize in property management and condo cleaning services. It’s a big job! Here’s a quick checklist of what’s involved.

For almost five decades, Decca Janitorial Services has been serving clients in a variety of businesses and sectors. And that includes property management and condo cleaning services. We know how to manage the janitorial needs of multi-tenant facilities and are more than happy to relieve property managers of the many details involved in keeping their buildings clean and safe.

The fact is, it’s so much more than simply a regular vacume and an occasional dusting. Property management and condo cleaning require a trained janitors who tend to not only the big, high-visibility areas but the nooks and crannies – the details – too!

Here’s a brief run-down of the essential tasks necessary to keep a multi-tenant facility as clean, sanitized, and safe as possible:

Tenant areas – the cleaning essentials

Dusting and cleaning are, quite honestly, among the most tedious of tasks when it comes to property management and condo cleaning. But, they’re the most vital to keeping any multi-tenant facility, large or small, properly and thoroughly cleaned. And it requires an eye for detail.

You have to dust and wipe clean all of the furnishings, including shelves, cabinetry, ledges, window sills, door casings, architectural features and ornamental work within reach. All flat surfaces must be cleaned. If there’s glass, you need to clean it with a saturated cloth. Items need to be moved – telephones, office equipment, etc. – so you can damp dust under them. This work needs to be performed with care so that papers and documents on surfaces don’t get disturbed. Clean and polish any metal. Doorknobs, metal doors, and lock face plates. Dust and wipe vinyl, plastic, or similar materials with a damp cloth.

Keep an eye on vertical surfaces. These include glass, partitions, sidelights, and walls. Spot clean as needed or as directed by the building manager. And don’t forget the switch and electrical plates! Waste baskets and other receptacles need to be emptied, cleaned, and damp dusted regularly, with liners replaced immediately. The same goes for sanitary boxes, paper towel dispensers, and any other similar items.

Periodically, dust and wipe coat room shelves, coat racks, and closets. Vacuum any furnishings that require it. Dust blinds occasionally or according to the directions laid out by management. And clean public washrooms according to the most current cleaning and disinfecting protocols.

Property management and condo cleaning – maintaining floors

Once the surfaces are clean, turn your attention to the floors. Vacuum entirely, keeping an eye open for stains, tar, chewing gum, or any other issues – carpeting and rugs. You may have to move standing lighting fixtures, light and moveable furnishings, or decor items – not the desks, file cabinets, or the like.

Sweep, mop, wax, and even buff any public areas that have floor surfaces that aren’t carpeted. This includes places such as the foyer, gathering spaces, kitchen, and stairwells throughout the building. Clean ceramic tile, stone, marble, terrazzo, or concrete flooring with particular attention to hard-to-reach areas and corners. Clean other floor surfaces such as vinyl or laminate according to manufacturer instructions or that of the building management.

Don’t forget to dust the light fixtures and handrails!

Corridor cleaning

As with the other public areas of a condo building, the corridors are really a job unto themselves. Regularly clean any horizontal surfaces, such as tables and shelves, as well as the vertical surfaces – walls, windows, mirrors, etc. The floors are high-traffic, and you need to vacuum and remove any sticky or staining matter from all carpeted or rugged areas. Follow the protocols for the other public areas – regular metal and chrome cleaning and polishing, including doorknobs, hinges, and kickplates.

Clean and polish elevator doors and the buttons and button plates, inside and out. Tend to the floors like you would the rest of the facility.

A big job!

What we’ve outlined are just the basics. Overseeing property management and condo cleaning takes a lot of time and manpower. That’s why it’s often easier to hire a quality commercial janitorial service to do it for you.


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