Decca Janitorial Specialized Cleaning - Sanitizing and Disinfecting – is Essential to Help Keep Retirement Homes Schools Childcare Centres Safe

High-volume facilities – places that accommodate many people every day – are particularly vulnerable to viruses like COVID-19. Specialized cleaning, along with vigilant hygiene protocols, help mitigate the impact.

The vulnerability of high-traffic, high-volume spaces has been painfully exposed during this crisis of COVID-19.  Facilities such as retirement and nursing homes, schools, daycare centres, factories, and others are in particular peril, given the exposure risk with so many people interacting in such close quarters each day.

In addition to isolation, appropriate and specialized cleaning, along with strict hygiene protocols, are really the only defence these facilities have.

Retirement homes have proven uniquely vulnerable to the spread of COVID-19. Approximately 400,000 Canadians reside in residential care homes nationwide. The average age of residents is 82 years old and they can often suffer from a variety of medical conditions and require up to 10 medications a day. Sadly, nearly 70% of nursing home residents are afflicted with a diagnosis of dementia that requires 24-hour care to provide for safe getting out of bed, feeding, and using the toilet. Consequently, the novel coronavirus impacts aged nursing home residents with a whopping case-fatality rate of 33.7 per cent.

And while retirement and nursing homes have been the most profoundly and tragically impacted throughout these many months, all high-volume spaces are a distinct risk.

Regardless of the facility in question its the surfaces that are frequently touched by hands that are most prone to contamination. These include light switches, doorknobs, handrails, elevator buttons, cabinet handles, faucet handles, countertops, tables, and electronics. And while it’s not yet known how long the COVID-19 virus lives on surfaces, the early evidence advises that it can survive on surfaces and objects anywhere from a few hours to several days.

Proper and specialized cleaning is required to mitigate virus risk

Chances are if you own or manage a high-volume facility, you already have regularly scheduled janitorial services on a daily or weekly basis. But, to ensure yours is the cleanest and most safe environment possible for residents, customers, visitors, and employees it’s important to schedule a proper deep cleaning in your janitorial schedule.

Viruses such as that which causes COVID-19 has been found to break down with soaps, detergents, and disinfectants.

A deep clean, that includes specialized cleaning and sanitizing agents, addresses all areas of your facility –  foyer and reception, gathering or communal areas, bathrooms, kitchen and eating areas, and workspaces.

Frequently touched items and surfaces should be sanitized several times per day to ensure public safety, and help stop the potential spread of disease.

With over 40 years of experience and expertise, Decca Janitorial knows deep cleaning! Nursing and retirement homes, daycare centres, schools, condominium blocks, warehouses and factory facilities, and any other commercial facilities can trust they’ll be professionally cleaned with the most specialized, yet safe and healthy, products and equipment available.

We perform the required deep virus cleaning to help lower the likelihood of virus outbreak and sickness.

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