Keep your fitness patrons healthy, safe, and happy with a thorough cleaning. Here’s your gym cleaning checklist!

For many of us, among the most difficult restrictions of the COVID-19 pandemic was not going to the gym. How to stay fit and healthy and manage stress without our favourite fitness facilities to keep us on track?

Now that we can return to the gym and other indoor fitness facilities as we did pre-pandemic for the most part, we still want the peace of mind knowing that they’re clean and healthy – properly sanitized and disinfected. For gym owners and managers, you know how important it is to provide an inviting atmosphere with modern equipment. You give attention to every detail to make the business a success. And, after two years of focus on cleanliness and sanitization, you must also offer consistent reassurance that your facilities are impeccably clean – always.

If you have assigned your gym cleaning to your gym staff, keeping your facilities as clean and sanitized as possible can be difficult. To help, we’re providing a handy gym cleaning checklist – guidelines to keep track of the various tasks necessary.

Many business owners and managers find it too challenging to maintain cleanliness with in-house staff. If so, you might want to consider hiring a professional janitorial service to always ensure your facilities are as clean as possible.

In-house or professional cleaning service?

Many cleaning tasks can be managed in-house when everyone knows what the tasks are. When you choose a janitorial service, however, you can take advantage of the specialized, expert care they provide, such as:

  • Hardwood or laminate and carpet cleaning
  • Furniture fabric and upholstery care
  • Tile and grout cleaning and sealing
  • Deep cleaning throughout your facility

Meantime, here is your quick gym cleaning checklist to pass on to your staff:

Your handy gym cleaning checklist

1. Inviting reception area

No matter your type of business, including gyms, the state of your reception area will determine your customer’s first impression. Be sure that the impression your gym makes is a positive one. An impression that keeps them coming back day after day. Be sure that your furniture and fixtures are dusted and clean, including your window sills.

Keep your floor mats clean and free of debris to avoid trips and falls – daily, depending on the time of year. Your windows and window sills should be cleaned once per week, and your doorknobs and switchplates cleaned and sanitized daily, sometimes more depending on the amount of traffic through your gym.

2. Safe, inviting workout spaces

The workout areas need attention several times per day, depending on the volume of customers. Pay particular attention to wall mirrors. Keep light fixtures dust-free and any windows free of streaks. You want to provide as bright an environment as possible. When your workout areas are welcoming, they reflect how you approach the business and your facilities.

3. Equipment that is clean and safe

A gym will have very obvious high-touch areas throughout the facility. This means that the touch-points on all equipment need to be cleaned throughout the day. Keep sanitizing wipes beside the equipment to encourage wiping down after each use.

4. Clean floors

Schedule floor cleaning and carpet care in your cleaning schedule at the end of each day. Sweep, mop and vacuum all floors throughout the facility. Keep an eye out for flooring issues that can turn into tripping hazards.

5. Clean, fresh gym mats

Gym mats are an important component of any gym facility – they help prevent injury. However, they also constantly pick up dust, dirt, and debris. Sweep exercise mat areas often, and switch them out after each use. Clean them with a neutral pH product and disinfectant.

6. Clean and sanitary change rooms

One of the busiest areas of any gym is the change rooms. Consequently, they need constant attention. Keep an eye on the trash and towel bins and keep them emptied. Clear the floor of dirt and debris and polish the mirrors and windows. Sanitize locker doors, benches, and all other touchpoints frequently. Include a complete daily cleaning at the end of each day.

7. Sparkling, sanitized showers

Grungy, cloudy, calcified shower stalls will put anyone off! Clean your showers – floors, walls, curtains, doors, and fixtures – every day. Dampness promotes mould, so check often those problem areas such as the ceiling and the grout between tiles. Consider sealing any grout to discourage mould and fungus.

8. Sanitize and disinfect bathrooms, saunas, steam rooms

Your staff should include regular bathroom, sauna, and steam room inspections as part of their daily duties. Bathroom care includes cleaning toilets, emptying trash cans, filling soap and paper dispensers, and disinfecting surfaces and fixtures. Regularly check under the sinks and behind toilets for leaks or signs of mould.

9. Keep touchpoints free of germs

Sanitize and disinfect all touchpoints throughout the gym. Touchpoints include drinking fountains, equipment screens and controls, payment pads, and shared computer keyboards. You’d be surprised how often these can be overlooked!

10. Clean offices

Not only is a clean office healthier for your staff and customers, but it’s also a demonstration of your pride and professionalism. It leaves a great first impression! Always keep the floors swept, the carpets vacuumed, surfaces clean and dusted, and fixtures and windows clean and polished.

Focus on what you do best – running the gym!

There are so many responsibilities as the owner or manager of a gym or other fitness facility. A checklist of cleaning tasks is helpful to know that you have covered everything top to bottom to keep your facilities as clean and safe as possible.

But, if you need extra hands – don’t we all? – you might want to consider hiring a professional janitorial service to know that the job is done right. Decca Janitorial Services is here – providing exceptional professional janitorial services in the GTA for over forty years!

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