Where Germs Might Be Hiding Around the Office – Cleaning Tips

When it comes to office cleaning tips, it’s about removing germs first – sanitizing and disinfecting. But, where to find the little devils?

In any office environment, it’s usually pretty easy to find dirt and grime. And many cleaning tips easily address the coffee stains, crumbs on the desk, splatters on monitors, and dusty window sills. They tend to stand out and even your staff can easily address them throughout the day.

However, if we’ve learned anything from the past couple of years, it’s germs and bacteria that can wreak havoc on a workplace – and your bottom line. Unlike spills or dirt on the floor of the reception area, germs go unseen and don’t make themselves known until one by one, your staff are staying home with sore throats, fever, and chills.

Certainly, there are places we expect to find germs and bacteria – restrooms, for instance. But, as sneaky as they are, there are other places they tend to collect, in places you might not suspect.

Chief among office cleaning tips – doorknobs and light switches!

Often overlooked, probably due to their ubiquity in any room, doorknobs and light switches seem to disappear into the backdrop of any office environment. But, in fact, they should be the first, and most frequent, stop in any cleaning regimen.

Without vigilance, turning on the lights could literally send an employee home feeling sick. Over the course of a day, how often do you touch a switch or a doorknob? Now consider how many times your colleagues touch them. Yikes! When untended, that’s a lot of germs left behind for transmission over and over again throughout the office.

Amongst the most important office cleaning tips, cleaning your doorknobs and lightswitches frequently and routinely is at the top of the list.  Research conducted by the University of Houston found that in hotel rooms across three American states identified that light switches are among those surfaces found to be the most contaminated. As mentioned, hidden in plain sight and easily overlooked.

Shared desks and communal spaces

Before the pandemic, office design trends tended towards communal working spaces and desks shared by multiple workmates. Now, with many workers exploring a hybrid, sharing time between home and office, offices have downsized. This means an increase in shared workspaces and desk-sharing between co-workers.

Most of us don’t equate a shared desk with a shared office bathroom, but you might be surprised at the similarities when it comes to germs. In fact, your office desk might actually have more germs than the office toilet seat – by about 400 times! And don’t forget the keyboard and mouse. They can be veritable petrie dishes for germs. Routine professional cleaning can keep these spaces and items clean and safe for anyone using them.

Office electronics and equipment

Consider the number of electronics and pieces of office equipment you have and how many people touch them every day. The office copier or printers, landlines, if you have them, even something so small and seemingly benign as a stapler. We rarely think about it when we use them, busy and distracted as we are at work, but how frequently are they touched? A professional janitorial service can take on the burden of cleaning even those smallest details that go so easily overlooked when we’re hard at work.

Office kitchen

An office kitchen is a great place for the team to enjoy brainstorming and teambuilding over coffee and a snack. The downside, a lot of people eating and drink in a small space; touching the coffee maker and coffee cups, the sink and fixtures, and other areas of the room. So many places for germs and bacteria to hide! Consider the various breeding grounds – countertops, coffee pot, the kitchen sink and faucet, the fridge door. Frequent, routine cleaning of the office kitchen is vital.

Pro office cleaning tip: Keep sanitizing or disinfecting wipes within easy reach so your staff can quickly wipe down the high-touch areas after each use.

Office restrooms

While there’s a lot of research to show that other areas of your office can be more prone to germs than the office bathroom, that doesn’t mean you can let down your guard. There is any number of germs, bacteria, and pathogens that can thrive in the restroom. It’s also one of the most challenging rooms to enlist help to clean.  Routine bathroom cleaning is essential to maintain the cleanliness, health, and safety of your entire office.

Keeping an office clean and safe should be a job left to the professionals! Rather than adding yet one more thing to your to-do list. If you and your staff don’t have time to clean the office properly, we can help! We will make your office the cleanest and safest possible – CONTACT Decca Janitorial Services TODAY! 

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