Decca Janitorial Services how to clean officeA necessary chore, maintaining the cleanliness of your office between each commercial clean pays dividends for employees and clients alike.

There are some areas of your office that need maintenance cleans along with relying on commercial cleaning.  These are often the places that go unnoticed by management and staff during the day-to-day distractions. And, while these details may be easily overlooked by the people who function in the environment every day, don’t take for granted the same will be said for visitors and clients.

If you want to ensure that the impression your business gives is always a good one, note these seemingly insignificant areas that can easily be overlooked, but also can be so easily maintained:

Office accessories such as printers and copy machines – and behind them!

These accessories are highly used and are quick to get covered in fingerprints and dust. They’re also easy to overlook when it comes to the space behind or beside them if it’s a little awkward to reach, where dirt and dust bunnies can collect. Be sure to give at least a semi-regular clean behind and under these machines. Additionally, check for smudges on the glass inside and give them a wipe to keep your print and copy documents looking professional.


Office chairs can be easily overlooked for obvious reasons. But have desk workers keep an eye on the base and castors of their chairs which can become quite dirty from footwear, particularly during winter and spring, with mud and salt..

Picture frames and the glass

It’s a simple swipe of a cloth across the top of picture frames to remove the dust. Check for fingerprints and dust film on the glass as well.

Baseboards and door mouldings

A quick slide of the finger across the top of baseboards, door mouldings, and countertop backsplashes will let you know if they need a quick wipe. Run your finger on top of baseboards and countertop backsplashes. It takes only a moment to run a damp cloth over these surfaces.


Particularly through the winter months, with heating systems in regular use, can dust allergens, and other particles adhere to your heating vents and cold air exchange intakes. And while the Decca Janitorial team is meticulous about these areas, keeping an eye on them between commercial cleans, especially during cold months, doesn’t hurt.

Ceiling fan blades and motor

A total eyesore! This is definitely an easily overlooked area especially if you have high ceilings. They’re also troublesome when it comes to collecting dust and dirt, particularly during the long periods when they sit idle. Particles in the air seem to stick to fan blades – and into the motor vents – like glue, resulting in a grimy, unattractive, and spinning grime collector!

Doorknobs and switch plates

Touched by just about everyone in the office, these need regular attention and shouldn’t be left just to your commercial cleaners to maintain. Research presented at the Interscience Conference on Antimicrobial Agents and Chemotherapy (ICAAC) found that within two to four hours, a virus can be picked up by 40 to 60 per cent of workers and visitors coming in contact with these commonly touched objects. Wipe down your doorknobs regularly!

The office kitchen

Also easily overlooked as the office kitchen tends to be strictly the domain of staff, keeping the microwave wiped clean (including behind and underneath) as well as the fridge, keeps this employee area a pleasant and welcoming place to spend time.

Office greenery and plants

Plants and live greenery have been proven to help with workplace morale and productivity. But, they can’t be neglected! Cobwebs can appear quickly, as can dust. A quick wipe every so often can help combat the grime and dust on these living and beneficial office counterparts.  Tend to dead or dying leaves on a regular basis as well, to keep your plants looking and feeling their best.

Consider letting Decca Janitorial Service take care of the dirty work for you – deep cleans and routine, scheduled maintenance done right!

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