Do you know the value of a professionally cleaned space? Besides the obvious appeal of shiny floors and a fresh smell, professional cleaning has measurable cost benefits.

Fewer Sick Days

The average absenteeism of Canadian workers is 9.3 days per year, which costs companies an average 2.4% of their gross annual payroll. These costs don’t even take into consideration the costs of replacing sick employees or missed deadlines.

An unhealthy work environment contains air contaminants and communicable diseases that expose employees to sickness. Most germs are spread when people talk, cough, sneeze or touch a contaminated surface.

Daily office cleaning reduces the chances of workers getting sick by 80% and decreases absenteeism by 46%, so it can save your company a significant amount of money.

Increased Performance

Not all employees take time off when they aren’t feeling well and come to work with watery eyes, fatigue and headaches. Although the immediate cost isn’t apparent, these symptoms compromise effectiveness by 3-8%. Additionally, dust exposure lowers reasoning, memory, and cognitive skills by 2-6%.

Employing janitorial services to regularly disinfect the workplace can have a direct impact on employee well-being and performance.

Longevity of Equipment

In addition to the well-being of building inhabitants, materials and equipment can benefit from regular cleaning. Professional cleaning of carpets, floors, and other surfaces will prolong the life of these costly investments.

Most carpets are made of synthetic fibers that scratch when exposed to grit and dirt. When people walk over them, the grit rubs against the fibers and wears them away. The same is true for flooring materials.

The cost of replacing prematurely worn flooring materials can be high, not to mention the loss in productivity during the renovation period.

Sensitive equipment such as computers and electronics are also affected by dust and other airborne particles. For example, computer fans that accumulate dirt, hair, and other debris can become unseated or break down over time.

Keeping your building clean will protect your costly investments and save you money over the long term.

High Perceived Value

If your building accommodates guests, it is statistically shown that customers have a much higher perceived value of a business when it is clean. A whopping 94% of patrons would avoid a business in the future if it had dirty washrooms.

Whether you manage a condominium, an office building, or a warehouse, the cost of an unhygienic environment can be quite high. It is important for customer satisfaction and retainment to maintain a clean space.

Lowered Costs

Overall, the benefits of professional cleaning extend beyond the aesthetic appeal of glimmering surfaces. A clean environment has a measurable cost savings by decreasing absenteeism, increasing efficiency, prolonging the life of materials and equipment, as well as maintaining high standards for your establishment in order to impress your customers.