Decca Janitorial Professional Office Cleaning Schedule - What Is Best

To keep your offices as clean as possible set a regular professional office cleaning schedule. But how often –what kind of schedule is best?

These past many months have had businesses big and small assessing and reevaluating their cleaning protocols and office cleaning schedule. Many have moved from assigning staff to hiring professional cleaning services to ensure the best in health and safety in the workplace.

And, unfortunately, with yet another new variant of coronavirus on the rise, the need for professional-quality cleaning has never been more critical.

Your employees and customers want to feel safe in your offices. The best way to ensure their – and your! – peace of mind, that you offer the cleanest office environment possible, is to implement a professional office cleaning schedule. Ensure consistently clean, sanitized, and disinfected offices so that nothing goes overlooked and health and safety maintained to the highest degree possible.

But, what does an effective professional office cleaning schedule look like? How often do you need to schedule your janitorial service? How frequently should a professional team clean to ensure that your employees and clientele feel protected and safe?

Every office has different needs and cleaning requirements. How often you should schedule a cleaning service depends on various factors such as, how much foot traffic you have, how many employees you have, and how big your office is, among others. Additionally, the different areas of your office space will also present unique cleaning needs and challenges.

The professional office cleaning schedule you need will be very individual, but, given the amplified need for stringent cleanliness over the past two years, we can give you a pretty good guideline.

Professional office cleaning has never been more important

In pandemic times, professional cleaning services are essential services. Commercial cleaning services keep your offices looking great – clean, tidy, and professional. But, even more importantly, they provide a clean, safe, and healthy work environment for your employees, customers, and visitors.

A quality commercial cleaning service will assess your requirements and budget to create an office cleaning schedule that suits your office cleaning needs.

Keep in mind, your employees can help with simple tasks each day. For example, wiping their keyboard and removing food spills. Perhaps even rinsing and wiping down the coffee machine. But, by and large, to provide for the thorough cleaning, sanitizing, and disinfecting of your offices, an expert and knowledgeable professional cleaning team is best. Particularly when it comes to areas requiring specialized care like bathrooms and high-traffic areas.

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Frequency – what is a good cleaning schedule?

The first step is to identify those areas that need frequent cleaning. High-traffic areas such as lobbies, reception, bathrooms, and breakrooms or kitchens should have expert, professional cleaning to keep them safe. These should be serviced daily to ensure the health and safety of your employees, clients, and visitors.

Along with daily cleaning duties, offices also require additional types of cleaning and sanitation that are more acceptable on a less frequent basis. Things like window cleaning, dusting, carpet cleaning and floor polishing can be completed weekly, monthly, and sometimes even quarterly, depending on your office. Below are specifics according to office area:

Cleaning bathrooms
At the top of the list of high-traffic areas that need daily (or more) professional cleaning. Office bathrooms must be cleaned frequently and regularly – every day, if not more depending on the size of your offices. If customers use your bathrooms, they need to be checked multiple times per day to ensure they are not only as clean as can be, but fully stocked with all bathroom essentials – soap, toilet paper, and paper towels. And don’t forget the light switch plates – a huge high-touch zone!

Cleaning kitchen or break room
Like office bathrooms, the kitchen or break room gets a lot of traffic and need daily cleaning. Not only are these spaces used frequently, but there is often food and drinks which leave garbage, crumbs, and other debris. The kitchen is a veritable hot spot for spreading germs and bacteria that can cause illness. The areas of most concern tend to be sinks, fixtures, and countertops, but also tables and chairs. Cupboard handles and light switch plates must be cleaned frequently, too. They’re often among the dirtiest surfaces and easily overlooked. Regularly wipe down and disinfect appliances frequently to keep them clean.

Cleaning employees’ desks
Your office employees are at their desks most of the time they’re in the office. Consequently, those surfaces are often magnets for dirt, bacteria, and germs. The biggest grime collectors:

  • Keyboards
  • Computer monitor
  • Computer mouse
  • Desk phone
  • Desk surface

These surfaces are where germs spread so easily. They must be frequently and regularly cleaned to get rid of germs and bacteria before they spread. Disinfecting sprays and wipes kept handy can help mitigate some of the impacts.

Cleaning lobby and reception areas
If your office has frequent visitors passing in and out of your lobby a lot throughout the day, it will need extra cleaning, sanitizing, and disinfecting attention – often. A positive first impression is vital to your business, so you can’t compromise on cleanliness in the first space they’ll likely experience. Depending on the level of traffic, your lobby should be thoroughly cleaned at least three times per week. Spot clean in between cleanings to address spills, dirt from shoes and boots, and other contaminants. For messy seasons such as winter and spring, cleaning with greater frequency is best.

If yours is a busy office or building, a Day Porter Service is there all day, managing the constant cleaning needs, especially for troublesome high-traffic and high-touch zones. A day porter will make sure bathrooms are refreshed, your lobby is always clean and maintained, and even take care of building maintenance. More than just cleaning, Day Porters become valued members of your office team and help promote the positive image of your office, building, or facility.

Cleaning floors and carpets
Typically, hard floors and carpets should be cleaned weekly. Again, this depends on the level of foot traffic your office experiences. Weather and season will also play a role in how often they need to be cleaned. For your health and safety and to preserve the life of your floors and floor coverings, frequent cleaning is recommended.

Cleaning windows
Window frames and sills can collect all manner of dirt, dust, bacteria, and germs. They should be wiped down at least once per week. The windows themselves don’t need to be cleaned as frequently – maybe once or twice per year depeding on:

  • Your local weather. Do you experience a great deal of precipitation? More cleaning will be necessary if it’s particualry rainy or snowy and to remove mineral deposits left by precipitation.
  • Office location. If you’re located near busy streets or a highway, your windows will get dirtier, faster. You’ll need to have them cleaned more frequently.
  • Office landscaping. If you have a lot of trees around your office that drip sap or attract birds, chances are your windows will need more frequent attention.

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