Professional Office Cleaning – Clean RestroomsProfessional office cleaning means consistent quality and cleanliness for all of your facilities, including your restrooms.

We can’t overstate how critical the state of your restrooms are to the impression your business leaves – to visitors and customers and to your employees. They are a vital part of your business facilities and one that can seriously impact your bottom line.

Your commercial restrooms convey a lot about your company to anyone who enters. Possibly even before you’ve had a chance to make the right impression in more relevant ways to your business. If it’s not clean, it will speak to not only the calibre of your business but even to the level of your workplace morale. In either case, it’ll be disappointing.

It’s not unusual for customers to make permanent judgements simply based on the state of a business’ restroom. The consequences being, they won’t business with that company again.

What do your restrooms say about your business or facilities? Decca Janitorial Services understands that professional office cleaning is often the best way to ensure the very cleanest bathroom facilities possible. As you consider how your business approaches your restroom cleaning, consider the following critical practices that ensure the safest, most sanitary restroom experience for your customers and employees alike. And how they can take your business from good to great to whoever uses them.

Easy upkeep – restroom sanitary products refilled and stocked 

Decca Janitorial Services Professional Office Cleaning – bathrooms
It’s a total pain when you use a restroom that’s run out of supplies – toilet paper, paper towels, soap! One of the easiest ways to ensure a  good restroom experience is to ensure that all paper products and other sanitary supplies are always full. That means always having them on hand and stocked.

To keep a properly functioning restroom, it needs to be stocked no matter the time of day. And the facility or office manager should know exactly when supplies need to be reordered, how much to stock, and which supplies are appropriate for the users and needs of their facilities.

If keeping up with supplies is a challenge, professional office cleaning and janitorial services understand how to manage this part of restroom maintenance. From types of toilet paper to the correct amount and type of hand soap, and how it all fits into your budget, a professional service can simplify this process to create a much more clean, sanitized, and comfortable bathroom experience.

Use the appropriate cleaning tools and supplies

Consider who is cleaning your restrooms. Is it a dedicated janitors or a task shared by employees? In either case, if they’re using one mop to clean the restroom as they do to clean the public hallways, that’s a problem. Bathrooms require their own set of cleaning tools and supplies, specifically geared to properly clean and sanitize. And not spread bathroom germs into your main facilities!

A team dedicated to professional office cleaning will ensure that your bathrooms are cleaned using the very best in cleaning, disinfecting, and sanitizing products. They will take the utmost care to avoid cross-contamination from your restrooms to the other areas in your space.

And just like no two facilities are the same, no two restrooms are identical. We choose the right tools and cleaning agents to suit each and every facility to ensure that each is cleaned appropriately. For example, professional office cleaning includes an understanding of factors such as chemical dwell time – the time between a chemical making contact with a surface and when it has successfully eliminated germs, bacteria, and potential viruses. Our expertly trained personnel know which chemicals are right for which job; how and when to apply cleaning agents; and when to remove them for maximum effectiveness.

Expert understanding goes a long way!

Knowing how to apply chemicals, when to remove them, and which substances are most effective is the result of hiring a professional cleaning company. And it comes down to more than just your best guess or estimate. To use your supplies properly depends on the types of surfaces and flooring to determine the best practices. For example, depending on the floor material, an expert can identify the type of cleaning necessary – pressurized, a wet mop, or a deck brush to thoroughly clean grout.

Properly cleaned bathrooms, professionally cleaned and sanitized, is often best performed by a professional office cleaning team, drawing on  in-depth industry experience and knowledge. Doing so ensures that you elevate the impression of your business while enhancing worker morale. Not to mention adding years to the life of your surfaces, fixtures, and restroom facilities.

Prioritize regular maintenance

Yes, you have to clean your bathrooms daily – sometimes more, depending on your business or sector. But beyond the daily cleaning, your company restrooms need regular maintenance that goes beyond wiping counters, cleaning toilets, and mopping floors.

Where ever there is water is also the potential for soap stains and mould. Mould can compromise the health and safety of anyone who uses your restrooms. To remove the risk of mould build-up requires regular anti-fungal cleaning protocols to help prevent illness, topical infection, and skin diseases.

If you manage facilities that have change rooms, showers, and lockers, a professional office cleaning crew will understand how to best clean and sanitize upholstery, fabrics, carpets, and various surfaces to provide for a clean, safe, and inviting place free of any lingering germs, mould, viruses, or bacteria.

Do you know how many people report that they are unlikely to visit a business again because of poorly kept restrooms? 63 per cent! And the top complaints about public restrooms are:

  • a bad smell (82 per cent of respondents)
  • clogged or unflushed toilets (79 per cent)
  • and an overall dirty, grimy, or old appearance (73 per cent)

Decca Janitorial Services KNOWS how to clean public restrooms! For over four decades, we’ve been providing for the professional janitorial needs of businesses in the Greater Toronto Area.

We are here to help with all of your janitorial and cleaning needs, no matter the size or scale! Contact us today for a QUOTE — YOUR FIRST MONTH of cleaning IS FREE!.