Decca Janitorial Services and COVID-19
Janitorial services and COVID-19? Fortunately, to provide the best job possible, many of the protocols put into place were those we already subscribed to!

But, there were still changes to implement to ensure we provide our customers with absolute confidence in the cleanliness and sanitization of their facilities.

We’ve all had to adapt significantly over the past year. And we’ve all learned how to manage germs and virus in our lives – frequent hand washing and sanitizing, keeping physical distance between ourselves and those outside of our household bubble, and making a habit out of donning a face mask out in public.

Everyone has learned how to clean more effectively with a focus on sanitisation and disinfection – and we know better than ever before where germs and bugs live. We’ve developed a new hypersensitivity to shopping carts, door handles, and light switches. The question is, has the definition of what clean should be, changed? And, has the pandemic changed the approach of professional janitorial services in COVID-19? To keep facilities sanitized from any COVID variants as well as other contagions.

We know that expectations have changed. Businesses want and need the assurance that their spaces – medical, retail, commercial, industrial, and others – are the very cleanest and safest possible. Let’s just say there’s a whole new awareness around the concept of clean and disinfected that perhaps wasn’t quite as fine-tuned pre-pandemic.

Fortunately, detailed cleanliness and sanitization have always been our focus. But, in these pandemic times, Decca Janitorial Services, too, have amped up our already vigilant efforts and remarkably high standards to meet the evolving cleaning needs of our customers.

The virus isn’t going anywhere fast, so any changes janitorial services in COVID-19 have had to make will be permanent. And that’s good news! We will continue to incorporate all new tools, methodologies, and practices that provide businesses and facilities with the cleanest and safest environments for the employees, clients, and customers.

The new concept of clean

COVID-19 has been such a dominant force in all our lives, we’ve sort of forgotten the common cold and regular old flu season! A positive development has been that, as we learn more about janitorial services and COVID-19, professional cleaning services take on a whole new sense of responsibility for their customers’ health and well-being. The health of your clients and employees as well as our own becomes front and centre in the goal of providing the safest working environment as well as the cleanest and safest possible results. Particularly, given the increased risk of infection when teams work in closed, public environments. We need to be more meticulous and detail-oriented than ever before.

Sanitizing and deep cleaning have become part-and-parcel of every cleaning contract. Using cutting edge products to meet the demand for optimum health and safety, and provide the utmost care, while maintaining our commitment to the environment is now just part of our exceptional service.

Janitorial Services and COVID-19 – health and wellness above all else

Janitorial services in COVID-19 have upped their game, no question. Where it was the typical procedure for cleaning services to include thoroughly cleaning floors – vacuum and mop – dusting and wiping down all surfaces, emptying garbage, and a regular deep clean; during the pandemic, for facilities to remain open and serving the public, sanitizing and disinfecting have become routine and expected to maintain a healthy space.

During COVID-19, the required cleaning protocols have caught up to our otherwise normal procedures: an exceptional standard of clean, meticulous attention to detail, and a personal approach with each customer to fully understand and meet their needs. For example, a high-traffic office or retail space would likely require more frequent deep cleaning than one operating with a very small staff or customer base. Any high-touch surfaces – counters, table-tops, light switches, and doorknobs, for instance, get special and much more frequent attention. Other than the same exceptional results, janitorial services and COVID-19 can’t be a one-size-fits-all model.

The choice of janitorial service is now a much more seriously pondered one. More than ever, we liken cleanliness to health, and that means employing a service that makes cleaning for everyone’s good health a top priority. If we’re going into the office, or shopping, or sending the kids to school as the pandemic persists, we want the additional assurance that these spaces are clean and as free of germs as possible.

The reassurance of exceptional clean – long-term

Decca Janitorial Services has always focused on ensuring that each of our contracted facilities is germ-free. Even before the pandemic, our expertly trained cleaning teams were prepared to meet the additional challenges and demands of COVID-19. They will continue to be, providing the best in janitorial services COVID-19, and well beyond.

We strive to assure our customers that their environments are the safest and healthiest possible. We’ve been doing it for over 45 years! Decca Janitorial Services takes seriously our commitment to offering the very best expert, commercial cleaning services affordably. We understand you want to keep your spaces, your employees, your customers, and your visitors safe – and we help you do it!

To ensure that you receive exactly the service that your business or facilities need, Decca Janitorial Services offers a range of cleaning packages to choose from. We offer services that range from standard janitorial services as well as services that range from carpet cleaning to window washing to detailed lunchroom and kitchen cleaning to garbage removal and so much more.

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