Decca Janitorial - Prevent Tenant Dissatisfaction or Lost Rentals – Hire a Commercial Cleaning Service

Don’t lose tenants or incur costly repairs because the cleanliness of your facilities is substandard. Hire a commercial cleaning service!

In times such as these, it’s hard enough to keep commercial tenants as many transition to a remote workplace. Don’t add lacklustre cleanliness to your renter’s list of reasons to relocate!

If the quality of your office cleanliness – including the sanitization and disinfection extras necessary to meet COVID-19 protocols – is costing you business, it’s time to reevaluate your approach. It’s time to explore the long-term value that a proper commercial cleaning service can bring to your bottom line.

Your facilities need to look their best to ensure you maintain a solid rental clientele, prevent potentially costly repairs due to improper cleaning and maintenance, and keep your clients consistently satisfied. You want to enjoy the confidence of knowing that your business and facilities always look their best and reassure anyone who enters in that they are in the cleanest and safest place possible.

Certainly, short-term, you can save money choosing a more inexperienced or lesser commercial janitorial service. Over time, however, chances are you’ll realize (hopefully, not the hard way!) that a less-qualified cleaning company might be doing your business or building more harm than good.

It’s important to keep in mind how a lesser commercial cleaning service might actually be negatively impacting your rental income – fewer tenants and potential damage to surfaces due to inexperience and the use of inappropriate products and technique.

Inadequate commercial cleaning = sudden vacancies and lost revenue!

Long-term tenants are vital to your success. High turnover or rental space sitting unused costs you money.

Look around your facility. What is the quality of cleanliness in your common spaces, individual office or retail spaces, kitchens, and restrooms? Do you notice soiled light switches? Dusty baseboards and dirty floors? Fingerprint-smudged doors? Streaked mirrors in the washrooms? If you answered yes, you’re likely not reassuring renters or their customers and visitors an inviting or comfortable experience.

In fact, they’d be right to question the safety and sanitization of your building and easily justify looking for a new rental space. When you entrust the cleanliness – sanitization and disinfection – of your facilities to a less than professional janitorial service, you increase the chances that your tenants will be dissatisfied.

If you’re providing your renters with inadequate cleanliness and sanitization, they, in turn, willlose customers and, inevitably, they’ll opt to move their business elsewhere to keep their clients happy. While short-term savings may work for you short-term, the hidden costs of choosing a less professional, less experienced, and less expensive commercial cleaning service can be quite significant.

When your main source of revenue is a building full of happy tenants – depending on the size of your facility – that could mean anywhere from several thousand dollars to tens of thousands per month, you can’t afford to have space unoccupied or scrambling to fill space after a sudden vacancy.

Don’t forget the cost of possible repairs

Another potential high cost can come if you have to pay to provide repairs to damaged surfaces (glass, metal, stainless steel, natural stone, etc.) that have been cleaned carelessly or inappropriately. If cleaning has been done with the wrong products or processes, it could result in quite a bill to repair or replace to keep your tenants happy. Of course, this means more lost revenue.

For example, natural stone surfaces such as marble and granite are quite porous and can absorb cleaning chemicals. It can result in discolouration and fading over time. If this occurs, you may have to pay to replace the surfaces or somehow encourage your client to tolerate it – both of which could lead to lost revenue when you have to either foot the bill for new surface material or lose a frustrated tenant.

Your choice of professional janitorial service can prevent both! A professional, expertly trained team can help surfaces look their best rather than compromising their quality and integrity out of poor, inexperienced cleaning practices.

Now is NOT the time to skimp on a vital service that can have so much impact on your tenant’s satisfaction and your bottom line. Now is the time to do all you can to ensure your renter’s happiness, comfort, and satisfaction for months and years to come. And that means choosing a commercial cleaning service that is up to the job and will provide you with consistently exceptional service – a team that knows exactly how to care and maintain your spaces.

How do you find the best commercial cleaning service to keep everyone happy?

As you begin your search for a high-quality commercial janitorial service, it can be overwhelming. To help you approach your search with more confidence, here are a few good questions you can ask:

  • Are your employees professionally trained?
  • Do you experience high turnover with your employees?
  • Do you perform background checks on your employees?
  • Do you have insurance?
  • Do you provide inspections and reports to ensure consistency of service?
  • Is your cleaning team trained with products to ensure the integrity of different surfaces?

Employee turnover is important as a steady stream of new employees means a higher incidence of accidents and property damage. Not to mention, there’s a less consistent understanding of the unique needs of your facility. The longer employees work means they develop a familiarity with you and your business.

Unlike that fly-by-night, craigslist cleaning company, Decca Janitorial Services employs an expertly trained crew of uniformed professionals that you and your tenants can trust – particularly when it comes to computers and sensitive documents. Our staff are among the best in the business, with great attention to detail and a conscientious cleaning regimen, that ensures the cleanest space every time.

Rest assured, customer satisfaction is essential to us. Every building we clean gets individual attention and receives regular cleaning supervisor visits. You will get a thorough evaluation in addition to a custom housekeeping report.

Decca Janitorial Services offers you a range of cleaning packages to choose from. Services include everything from carpet cleaning to window washing to detailed lunchroom and kitchen cleaning to garbage removal and so much more.

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