post construction cleaning services

Cleaning up a construction site upon project completion can be challenging and onerous, particularly as contractors’ attention has shifted to new work. Despite the actual construction being complete, this final phase of the project shouldn’t be underestimated as it is indispensable.

Hiring a service to take on the heavy lifting of making post construction work sites look their best allows contractors and crews to leave the project with additional pride, moving on to focus on the work they do best: building.

Dirt, Dust, and other Contaminants Require a Skilled and Thorough Hand

Following any construction project, there’s often debris left behind with every surface covered in layers of dust and dirt. The task of construction cleaning demands significant time and hard work, and is frequently an afterthought for most construction crews as they often do not possess the appropriate knowledge or energy for cautiously, safely, and effectively removing debris, dirt, paint, stains, and other substances from the site. 

Construction site clean up isn’t just about dusting and simple cleaning. It’s not about just sweeping floors and wiping walls. Proper clean up demands the right  techniques, equipment and tools to control dust particles and other potentially toxic debris. This type of cleaning is very detailed, deep, and thorough to ensure the quality of the environment of the building upon leaving the project.

When looking for a clean up crew, look for a company with the skills, methodology, and equipment, as well as an exceptional attention and commitment to detail, to thoroughly, safely, and quickly transform the worksite into a clean and functional space ready for the next phase.

Post-construction clean up services should include:

•Complete floor, wall and ceiling dusting & washing

•Cleaning of all vertical and horizontal surfaces including doors and frames

•Light fixture cleaning

•Carpet vacuuming, spot cleaning and steam cleaning

•Vinyl floor stripping, waxing and burnishing

•Ceramic scrubbing and cleaning

•Complete glass cleaning including frames, sills and mirrors

•Complete washroom and kitchen cleaning, disinfecting & polishing

•Power washing and concrete floor scrubbing & sealing

Clean up: an integral step as you leave the job site and a great impression!

Serving contractors for the past 40 years, Decca Janitorial Services knows what it takes to leave a construction job site clean, tidy, and safe; welcoming the final phases and occupancy of the new construction. 

Leaving a clean job site is important for your reputation as a contractor and it leaves your clients feeling taken care of from the beginning, right to the end of the project.