Omicron Variant and Office Cleaning – What You Need to Know

Stay on top of the ever-evolving COVID-19 virus and the new Omicron variant. How you can keep your offices and public spaces clean and safe for everyone.

Happy New Year! Or mostly, we hope.

As we bid farewell to another year of COVID-19, we enter into a new phase of the pandemic. Unfortunately, with dimmed hopes that we are anywhere near through it. In fact, due to the recent explosion in cases of the new Omicron variant, one that’s more highly transmissible, we’re back to school delays, a return to online education, and limited gathering, indoors and out.

In Ontario, throughout Canada, and around the world, the Omicron variant of the coronavirus is wreaking havoc, as cases skyrocket. While less severe than the original virus and the Delta variant, Omicron is much more easily transmissible which means more isolations and hospitalizations.

Consequently, amidst the consistent and ever-troubling evolution of COVID-19, business owners and managers struggle with what we can do to ensure the ongoing health and safety of our workplaces. Here are a few suggestions given what we know after two years of experience and scientific study:

High touch = frequent cleaning and disinfection to prevent spread of Omicron variant

Given the intense research and data accrued after two years of pandemic we know more than ever about how to prevent the spread of COVID-19 and its variants. Yes, there is some relief knowing now that most soaps and detergents work well to eradicate the virus. But only if used to clean thoroughly, consistently, and frequently.

BUT, high touch items and areas MUST still include sanitizing and disinfecting. To ensure the utmost in health and safety in the office, keep disinfectants on hand to keep high touch surfaces properly sanitized. Use an effective surface disinfectant cleaner and thoroughly wipe them down frequently throughout the day. High touch surfaces include:

    • Desk and table surfaces
    • Monitors, keyboards, computer mouse, and any other devices
    • Pens, pencils, and other writing accessories
    • Countertops, cabinet doors
    • Sinks and fixtures
    • Restrooms – toilets, sinks and fixtures, countertops, hand dryers
    • Doors and doorknobs
    • Light switch plates

Consistency is key

While disinfecting and sanitizing may not be necessary for your office or spaces beyond the important high touch zones, consistent and frequent cleaning is vital. Yes, the virus is airborne and most transmissible through the air, but keeping surfaces as clean as possible is still very important, particularly if you have most of your workforce back on the job.

All of your spaces need to be cleaned daily. Not only will it provide for the health and safety of your team, but it will give them peace of mind and trust in knowing you prioritize their safety. This will allow them to focus on their work, not their worries about getting sick. With winter upon us and flu season kicking in to high gear, frequent and consistent office cleaning is doubly important.

Improve office ventilation

Given the airborne nature of the virus and variants, your office ventilation is critical. Building ventilation impacts the level of transmission and if you can increase the volume of air that is exchanged between indoors and out will decrease the likelihood of infection in your workspaces.

Don’t worry, enhancing or improving your office ventilation doesn’t necessarily require an expensive or disruptive renovation. You can improve the filtration systems of your existing air system or add more air exchanges. In warmer temperatures you can even simply open windows.

Find out more about how to improve or add ventilation to your offices.

Hire a professional team!

Maintaining appropriate office cleanliness is a big job, pandemic or not. And it shouldn’t be left to your existing staff – they’ve got enough on their plates helping you to build your business! The easiest and most efficient, not to mention the most economical in the long run, to keep your workplaces clean, disinfected, and sanitized each and everyday is to leave it to the professionals.

A professional janitorial service will ensure the very best in cleanliness and safety… while you focus on your business!

After all, it’s our business to keep up with the evolution of this pandemic, institute protocols, and understand exactly how to employ all the products, techniques, and expertise to properly clean your office. With over 45 years providing the very best in janitorial services and commercial cleaning in Toronto and Southern Ontario, Decca Janitorial Services knows how to keep businesses clean and safe.

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