What You Need From a Commercial Cleaning Company in 2022If you’re an office manager in 2022, you have specific demands of a commercial cleaning company. Here’s what to look for to find the best.

Office managers and business owners understand the importance of a commercial cleaning company to their operations. Facilities need to be as clean and disinfected as possible to ensure the health and safety of clients and staff. But a high standard of cleanliness is vital to providing the most pleasant experience possible within your offices. It’s something people remember. And a professional service does the job much better and more efficiently than your office staff, not to mention relieving your team of more work piled on to an already very full day.

There are almost 35,000 janitorial services in Canada, employing almost 200,000 people. Such a marketplace can make it challenging for office managers to find a commercial cleaning company that guarantees the quality of service and performance they need in 2022. Particularly given the challenges and demands over the past couple of years and moving forward post-pandemic. The world has changed!

So, what do office managers need to look for to find a quality commercial cleaning company in 2022? Let’s dive in to identify the four essential factors to help guide your search to find the best.

1. The company’s reputation

Without a doubt, the first thing to look for in a commercial cleaning company is their reputation. Ask around, check online reviews, and scan different companies’ websites for confirmation of the quality of their services.

First-hand recommendations and online reviews are the easiest way to help an office manager narrow down the list of contenders. And it helps save time, effort, and money choosing a cleaning service that turns out to be substandard.

2. The commercial cleaning company janitors

One of the most important components of any quality commercial cleaning company is its personnel. They need to maintain a strong roster of reliable, trustworthy janitors that do the work well. And efficiently.

Does the company perform background checks before hiring? Have the janitors been licensed, bonded, and insured in the event of damage or theft? You must ask these questions to ensure the company’s high standards. A company that meets rigorous hiring standards knows what they’re doing and takes its business very seriously. Additionally, many office managers require night cleaning and want to know if the same team will be there for that shift. It helps provide the consistency they need for peace of mind and assurance of quality.

For example, Decca Janitorial Services ensures a consistent standard of quality, reliability and security that results in our clientele’s utmost trust. To help do this, we’ve done the hard work to meet the rigorous standards required to achieve Government Reliability Status. This means a thorough verification of our janitor’s backgrounds, including residence history, verifying professional qualifications (ie.  trade certification or accreditation) and history, assessments of performance reliability and personal character, criminal background check, and a variety of other factors. As our teams often require access to our clients’ protected information and assets, we have eagerly fulfilled the security requirements to reassure our clients and provide them valuable peace of mind. Every Decca Janitorial cleaner is both impeccably trained and fully screened.

Achieving this status requires significant time and labour. Consequently, it can be prohibitive for many other commercial cleaning companies to pursue. This extra safety level helps us offer our clients the best in service, security, and protection.

3. Cleaning solutions and equipment

The COVID-19 pandemic brought into clear focus how critical proper cleaning and disinfecting protocols are. The standards became much more rigorous, and that’s how they’ll remain. In order for a cleaning or janitorial company to do the best job, it requires the right cleaning solutions and equipment.

There are new standards for disinfecting and sanitizing to kill viruses such as COVID-19 and prevent the spread. A quality, professional janitorial service will be aware of any new guidelines and ensure that their teams follow them.

Any quality commercial janitorial service worth its salt understands that there’s no one-size-fits-all. Cleaning a health clinic is very different from cleaning a retail location. Cleaning a restaurant requires a different approach than cleaning a suite of offices. The best cleaning services know which cleaning solutions and chemicals to use to do the job effectively without causing surface damage.

Does your business prioritize sustainability and green initiatives? You want to know that your cleaning company supports your vision and goals. You will want to inquire into the green cleaning options, and the solutions they will use to conform to your preference.

4. Experience and length of time in business

It’s not unusual for an office manager to opt for cost savings over the level of experience of any given company. As a result, it often costs the business more in the long run. They experience substandard service – work unfinished or taking too long, damage to surfaces, lack of reliability or consistency. The job must be done well, the first time and efficiently.

To help mitigate costly mistakes, choosing the wrong company, ask how long the cleaning service has been in business. Don’t be afraid to call them to inquire about their certifications and licences. Ask about their client list. Maybe have a conversation about jobs that have been particularly rewarding and challenging. All of this information gives you greater insight into their level of experience and how they take care of their clients.

If you want to ensure you’re getting the best commercial cleaning company, you need to know they’ve been around a while. Decca Janitorial Services, for example, has been in business for over 45 years! And we are proud of an A+ rating on the BBB – we work hard for our clients to maintain it!


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