Quality work is a clear cut necessity when hiring a janitorial service. Have you hired companies that left the corners dusty, the carpets musty, and just did not meet your expectations? Do not settle for this mediocre work! Remember that a cleaning service should offer their best quality service, and nothing less.

1. Office Cleaning

      When working with hired cleaners, just like in any other business related process, communication is key. What are the signs you should fire your cleaner? What are the signs you should try to work things out? It comes down to two simple things, what have you asked of your cleaner, and what have they done to fulfill your request? If you are finding that you are hesitant to use the bathroom because it is too dirty, or there is dust on every other surface, you should consider first speaking with your cleaner. Give your cleaner clear instructions on what was unclean, and ask them to pay more attention to those areas. However, if after you have taken this approach, you still find that the same areas are left filthy, it is certainly time to consider another cleaning service.

        It is important to have a clean, comfortable and sharp looking working atmosphere. Additionally, operating your business in a cleanly environment builds credibility with your clients, customers and employees, thus leading to a healthier business!

2. House Cleaning

       Hiring someone to clean your private space can be a difficult choice to make, let’s ensure you make the right decision!

       Do you have friends and family who utilize home cleaning services? Ask them what their experience was with that particular company. Did they do a spotless, sparkling job? Were they fast and efficient? Reasonably priced? Utilizing word of mouth can be a very useful tool when making a new hire.

       Does the company vet their employees? Background checks and quality assurance such as money back guarantees, or other forms of compensation is a good sign for reliable service.

       Have you met the owner/cleaners in person? It is always a good idea to meet someone you are going to employ in person before hiring them – especially if you are going to be letting them in your house, unsupervised. Getting to know your employees a little before they begin working for you is a great strategy for lessening your anxieties about making the right hire.

       Finally, make sure you feel comfortable and secure with your hiring decision, cleaning companies are here to make your life better, easier, and cleaner! not more stressful!

3. Check Review Sites!

       When making a new hiring for any cleaning position, be it office cleaning, house cleaning or otherwise, it is very important you do your research on the companies you are considering.

        Review sites like yelp, n49.com and yellow pages will usually have business listings where the community can write rated reviews for the business you’re thinking of hiring. It will be very obvious who are the reliable candidates and who aren’t. Many people do not hold back when writing a poor review; by the same token, people also write highly positive reviews with lots of details about how well the job was done.

        Beware of scam posts, or fraudulent posts by the company it’s self under it’s own alias or another one. This is not a huge concern, as review sites generally work very hard to eliminate such content, however it is a good thing to be aware of.

Most of all, happy cleaning! Cheers to clean homes and workplaces!