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Decca Janitorial and Commercial Cleaning Services Toronto ON

Janitorial and Commercial Cleaning Services in the 21st Century

Decca Janitorial and Commercial Cleaning Services Toronto ON

Janitorial and commercial cleaning services can make all the difference; not just with the condition of your workplace, but with your overall business success.

You work hard as a business owner, specializing in a particular product or service, and maintaining a workplace that serves both your employees and clientele. You know how important it is to keep a clean workplace, but you may not yet understand the positive impact that utilizing a professional, janitorial and commercial cleaning service could have for your business.

In this era of instantaneous feedback – online ratings, reviews, testimonials – you should be contracting with a service that offers both janitorial and commercial cleaning services.  With such focus on brand building and reputation (online and brick-and-mortar), both services are integral in keeping your interior spaces clean and presentable, and together, janitorial and commercial cleaning services will make for a spotless, safe, and more impressive office or retail environment.

Why are commercial cleaning services a necessity in this day and age, and why do you need both janitorial and commercial cleaning?  Here are a few things every business owner should know:

Janitorial and Commercial Cleaning

A janitorial service is ideal for your day-to-day cleaning needs.  These talented individuals endeavor to keep dust off desks, crumbs off the carpeting, and fingerprints off glass-walled conference rooms.  Commercial cleaning, on the other hand, includes the vital deep cleaning tasks you’re likely to require annually or even quarterly, depending on foot traffic and the activities of your business.

At least a couple of times per year, you’ll want to schedule a visit from commercial cleaning experts to deep clean carpeting, polish and seal hard flooring, decontaminate clean rooms, eliminate germs in the environment, and more.

Even with regular janitorial services, you’ll need a commercial cleaning crew to go beyond standard surface cleaning at least once or twice a year to extend the usable life of materials and keep them looking like new.

Impressing Clients

An important reason to partner with a commercial cleaning service for semiannual cleaning is to make sure your office space remains not just presentable for visitors, but impeccable and impressive.

When clients, investors, or other influential and important individuals (including your employees!) enter your workspace, the last thing you want them to confront is smudged tile, stained carpeting, or other unsightly surfaces that indicate you don’t prioritize the quality of conditions in which you conduct business.

This oversight can easily be perceived as your lack of attention to detail – often important to those you do business with. In fact, neglecting workspace cleanliness will only make them wonder what other aspects of operations are slipping through the cracks, and cause them to question whether or not they want to do business with your organization.

Improved Employee and Office Morale

Of course, you may not be as concerned with what your employees think of their workspace as you are about the impression you make on clients, but the relative cleanliness of your work environment does play a roll in how your workers feel when in the office as well as overall employee morale.

If you want to inspire the best in your workforce – creativity, innovation, and most importantly, productivity – providing a clean and healthy workspace and atmosphere promotes optimal performance and shows that you care about their working conditions.

Building Brand Image

In this 21st-century business climate, it’s all about brand building. And, your reputation is your brand. If you want to develop a sterling reputation, a good place to start is with a clean and spotless, inviting workplace – for employees and clients.

The image you present to the world is the basis for your brand, and ensuring a clean and tidy work environment shows that you understand the importance of the details.

Further, utilizing janitorial and commercial cleaning services who prioritize green cleaning with non-toxic products that help to protect employee health and the health of the planet can become a vital element of your brand building, too.

If you want to impress and inspire your employees and clients, contact the experienced professionals at Decca Janitorial Services at 1-877-580-3980 or online to request an estimate and learn more.

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