Increase Office ProductivityHire a Commercial Cleaning Service
When you hire a commercial cleaning service you increase office productivity and employee morale. Not to mention your bottom line!

If you’re a business owner or office manager, chances are you know the value of marketing and innovative strategies in building the business. But, did you know? The first impression prospective clients have of your business probably has more influence on their decision to work with you than all the marketing you’ve done.

When potential customers feel welcomed into a clean, tidy, and organized space it shows how much you care – about your business, your employees, and, most importantly, them.

When you keep a clean and organized office, it instils confidence in your capability and efficiency, not to mention customer service, while you make them feel safe and comfortable. It fosters a sense of care – that you respect yourself and your employees and, by extension, your clientele. It also reflects the quality of service they can likely count on as you cater to their account or contract.

But, it’s not all for show. A clean and tidy workplace serves your employees and, in return, results in better efficiency and increased productivity. Which is always great for business! Here’s how:

Fewer staff sick days

According to a report by the Canadian Federation of Independent Business, sick days can cost the public sector as much as 3.5 billion dollars a year in lost productivity and revenue. When you keep your office clean, providing a healthy, sanitized and disinfected workplace, you reduce the time that employees are out sick.

A commercial cleaning service can help to reduce the transmission of sickness dramatically with frequent, thorough and effective cleaning 

A clean and organized office reduces stress

When you maintain a clean and organized office you create a working environment that helps employees feel more comfortable and generally happier. The state of our surroundings can affect our mental health – make us feel anxious and stressed, even depressed. Is your office a space that is constantly cluttered and disorganized? Clutter is one of the biggest sources of stress in the workplace. Studies found that high levels of the stress hormone cortisol were found in mothers whose homes were messy and cluttered. The same studies indicated that the same women were more comfortable and happier in homes that were more organized.

Happy and productive employees work in tidy and organized spaces. If you’ve ever spent too much time looking for something that should have been easy to locate, you know the irritation and stress that can cause. A survey by IDC found that workers in the sector of information technology waste a lot of time looking for misplaced documents – to the tune of losses of as much as 21% in total productivity! If you take those wasted minutes in a given day and multiply it by the number of employees you have, you see how much valuable time is lost every day in a disorganized office.

A commercial cleaning service can help you increase productivity

According to a Princeton study, a cleaner office that is tidy and more organized is a more productive one. When workers enjoy less stress they are able to better focus on the task at hand. When their workspaces are less cluttered and clean, your employees will be more immune to distractions and issues such as procrastination.

When an office is frequently cleaned by a commercial cleaning service, employees will be more inclined to come to work and do good work when they feel safe and comfortable in the office. If the workplace is cluttered and dirty, it’s not only depressing but also a potential health hazard. If you transform your office into an inviting and welcoming place, your employees look forward to coming to the office and are more eager to perform. When your workforce is comfortable they enjoy greater confidence and creativity and are better able to focus and solve problems.

Less stress = healthier habits

It’s in your best interest to foster an environment that causes as little stress as possible. According to a study conducted by the National Library Of Medicine, individuals under less stress are more likely to be healthier as they tend to eat more nutritiously, be more active, and enjoy better sleep. As a result, they have healthier immune systems and are sick less frequently.

Clean, safe offices reduce the risk of injury

Above all, the health and safety of your employees should be the top priority. The way you maintain the work environment is a big factor in keeping your workforce feel safe. If you don’t address clutter, disorganization, spills, or other messes, you risk more incidences of tripping, slipping, and falling.

Workers frequently report tripping over misplaced equipment, boxes, or furniture and even injury due to items falling from disorganized shelves. A clean and tidy office reduces the risk of costly injury and lost time.

Take care of your workers… and your bottom line – consider hiring a commercial cleaning service!

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