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How to Choose the Best Commercial Janitorial Service in GTA for Your Business

How to Choose the Best Commercial Janitorial Service in GTA for Your Business

How to Choose the Best Commercial Janitorial Service in GTA for Your Business

If you’re trying to find the best commercial janitorial service in GTA for your business, here are some essentials to keep in mind to ensure you make a great choice.

As we all know, keeping our businesses as clean, disinfected, and sanitized as possible has never been more vital. Not doing so poses a risk to our employees, customers, and visitor’s health, but also to our business itself. In short, the importance of maintaining an exceptionally hygienic and healthy environment is not only good for the people who enter our doors but to our – as well as others – bottom line.

A clean and healthy environment, expertly cleaned by a professional commercial janitorial service in GTA, also helps promote productivity and, ultimately, success. Fostering valuable trust that your business provides the best in cleanliness and sanitization is one of the best assets your business can generate in addition to the great impression you will make to your employees and customers, alike. A clean facility is just plain good for everybody!

Not all commercial janitorial services are created equal

We know there are a number of options when you’re looking for a commercial janitorial service in GTA to improve the overall cleanliness and sanitization of your commercial facilities. But they’re not all created equal.

One of the first things you want to look for in a janitorial service is the type of services they offer. You want to look for one company to provide all of the services you need – and do it to the best of their abilities. For example, Decca Janitorial offers a range of services, from office cleaning to day porter and custodial services to warehouse and industrial plant cleaning to high-volume retail and much, much more.

Additionally, we work jobs as small as a 1-day-per week contract as well as much bigger contracts for industrial facilities and large office buildings.

The professional janitorial service you choose should provide thoroughly trained and experienced cleaners to provide the best results. Look for these common services which should include sanitizing and disinfecting:

  • Dust, clean, and sanitize all surfaces, including computer screens and keyboards
  • Clean the kitchen thoroughly – appliances, refrigerator, and cabinets
  • Clean the restrooms thoroughly – sinks, walls, toilets, urinals
  • Cleaning walls
  • Dust all doors and thoroughly washing down doorknobs.
  • Clean and sanitize all light switches
  • Wipe vents and light fixtures
  • Vacuum all blinds, drapes, windowsills
  • Ensure that furnishings are moved in order to thoroughly wash and vacuum, including baseboards!
  • Carpet cleaning
  • Window Cleaning
  • And more…

We know you have many options when it comes to commercial janitorial services in GTA. So, what to look for to find the right one for your business needs? Here is a brief checklist of those factors to consider to make the best choice:

What else to consider as you choose a commercial janitorial service in GTA

1. Take the time to shop around for the best:

A high-quality commercial janitorial service is an investment. You want to make sure that you’ve checked out all the options in the GTA to ensure that the cleaning business you choose is one that can and will serve you long-term. Take your time. Research all of your options. This will be the beginning of a long relationship – you want to feel great about the provider you choose.

2. Chances are, you’ll get what you pay for – but you still want the service to work with your budget:

The cost of the janitorial service will be one of the biggest factors in your decision-making. Like the first point, take time to shop around, ask questions and be sure that the price fits with your budget and commercial cleaning needs. Ask for quotes. Decca Janitorial, for instance, offers free quotes to our potential customers.

Compare prices and services to narrow down your options. Don’t forget to ask about possible discounts and offers to help make your decision a little more clear. Decca Janitorial is currently offering the first month free for new commercial cleaning clients.

3. Ask questions about how they work

All commercial janitorial services in GTA have their own way of providing their services. We’re all different businesses and the way we work will be unique to each of us. And the way the cleaning company works should suit how you work, as well. Do you require green cleaning? Are you in need of regular carpet steam cleaning? Ask them what they offer, how they work, and what products and equipment they use to ensure it will all suit the needs of your commercial premises.

You want to also research the company’s licence and certification, their reputation and, very important to your decision-making, their reviews.

4. Professional Janitors

It’s important to ask the companies you’re exploring about their janitors. For example, to enhance your professional appearance, all Decca Janitorial cleaners wear uniforms, are English-speaking, and are expertly trained to the very highest standards. We perform frequent inspections to ensure that our janitors are providing clients with the highest quality work and results. To ensure you get the best possible service, we issue housekeeping reports and surveys regularly to gauge your satisfaction with our cleaning performance and service.

Questions? Contact Decca Janitorial Services to learn more about how our diverse cleaning experts can help enhance your business.

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