If you are wondering how often to have your carpets professionally cleaned, there are a few things to take into consideration.


The first thing to consider is whether or not your carpets have a warranty that requires your carpets to be cleaned at regular intervals. Check your paperwork and be sure to set a cleaning schedule that complies with the warranty for your carpets.

Determine Your Carpet Cleaning Goals

Is your main priority to present a professional storefront to impress customers? If so, you will want to clean your carpets at least once per week.

If your main priority is to maintain the integrity and lifespan of your carpet investment, and especially if you have a low-traffic area, one carpet cleaning per week or even one per month might suffice.

Volume of Traffic

You will want to assess if your office is high-traffic or low-traffic. If, for example, you have few employees and customers do not come in and out of your facility, you would probably consider your building to be low-traffic. On the other hand, if hundreds of employees and customers walk on your floors each day, you definitely have carpets that need to be treated as high-traffic.

Clearly, higher traffic areas will need carpet cleaning much more often to maintain their lifespan.

Type of Traffic

Consider the difference between the carpets in a veterinary clinic that take the brunt from hundreds of animals and the carpets in an office building where staff remove their outdoor footwear. The veterinary clinic will need to perform carpet cleaning much more often than the office building.

Consider how much outdoor dirt is tracked onto your carpets. This could mean the difference between daily cleaning and monthly cleaning.

How Often Do You Vacuum?

You may be able to extend the life of your carpets with daily vacuuming. If no major spills happen and carpets are regularly cleared of dirt, you may be able to have them steam cleaned less often. Keep in mind, however, that vacuuming does not always remove as much dirt as steam cleaning does. Ultimately, professionally cleaned carpets will always have a much longer lifespan than carpets that are only vacuumed.

The first place to find the answer to how often to clean carpets professionally is the warranty on your carpets. If this does not apply, then a good baseline is once per week. This increases in high-traffic areas or areas that have particularly heavy types of traffic.