If you are considering a janitorial service for your business there are several important questions to ask.

There are many facility and building managers who already understand the many benefits associated with incorporating industrial floor cleaning equipment into their maintenance.

At Decca Janitorial Services we’re often asked about our policies. Ranging from the security of your property, how we clean your facility and how we maintain quality standards and others.

It’s important to ask questions of your prospective janitorial service. Below find several examples of good questions to ask to better help choose the right janitorial service for your business.

Ask About Experience
There are always going to be new companies with limited experience who provide qualified, quality service.

However, it’s still important to ask about years of experience, references, and satisfied clients.

A solid record of satisfied clients and stellar service is always helpful and there is no denying that a long record of great service should help provide you with valuable peace of mind.

Decca Janitorial Services has been in business for over 40 years and has a long roster of satisfied, long-term customers.

An established positive record takes out a lot of guesswork!

Ask About Staff
Ask about policies and processes when it comes to employing and training staff.

It should be standard practice for each employee to undergo a thorough background check prior to employment and be appropriately employed based on their individual talents, strengths, and personality.

Longevity is also a good sign. Many of our employees have been with us over a decade.

Ask About Communication
How will the janitorial company communicate with you?

Clear and consistent communication is the key to building great relationships with customers. Keeping the lines of communication open helps promote transparency and trust.

Conducting routine reviews and inspections of a client’s facility on a routine basis to ensure employees are performing their duties to expectation or beyond is vital to customer retention.

Asking for feedback from clients is important to ensure the janitorial service is meeting the clients’ needs.

Additionally, providing clients regular feedback as to what additional work may be needed to make their facility look it’s absolute best shows you know their facility and want to see them look their best.

At Decca Janitorial Services, we make it a policy to follow up with our clients regularly to ensure they are happy with our service. 

Looking for a responsive janitorial service that puts customer services first? Please contact us!