Decca Janitorial best commercial cleaning service toronto ontarioOffice buildings are busy places. Employees, clients, and visitors, the traffic are non-stop… and so is the dirt, grime, and germs. Tackle the job properly – hire the best commercial cleaning service.

When it comes to meeting the cleaning demand of office buildings and commercial spaces, it’s always a challenge for property managers to tackle such a huge job consistently and with quality. That’s why it’s so important to consider not just any commercial cleaning service or professional janitorial company, but the BEST commercial cleaning service in Toronto, to ensure the job is done right, for the health and welfare of everyone: employees, clientele, and visitors.

It’s relatively easy for inexperienced individuals to start a cleaning business, but remember: not all commercial cleaning companies are created equal.

When you’re looking for the best commercial janitorial service, due diligence is key – do your homework! Decca Janitorial Services is proud of the fact we are wonderfully well-reviewed. We have worked very hard to establish a record of exceptional service and are considered among the best commercial cleaning companies in all of Ontario. Additionally, in order to provide a consistent level of reliability, security, we have met the rigorous standards to achieve Government Reliability Status.

Need a bit more convincing why you should hire the BEST commercial cleaning service to handle the janitorial needs of your business? Here are 9 reasons to help guide your decision:

1. Commercial cleaning is cost-effective

You may be surprised to learn that it’s actually more cost-effective to hire a commercial cleaning service. Consider the size of your building and how long it would take for you to do the job in-house with multiple employees. A professionally trained and expert cleaning crew will easily take but a fraction of the time, cleaning more thoroughly than it would take to do the work otherwise.

Keep in mind too, when you rely on your managers and employees, at their premium salary rates, for cleaning help you incur more administrative expenses. When you hire a commercial cleaning service, you pay the lower, market rate to maintain the stringent cleanliness of your building or business.

2. Expert, consistently high-quality cleaning

As we mentioned earlier, not all cleaning companies are created equal. As you do your homework to find the best janitorial service, you will want to ask a few important questions:

  • Do you have references?
  • Is your company bonded or insured?
  • What kind of training do you provide your employees?
  • Do you have a quality control program?
  • How many years have you been in business?

If you’d like help with exactly what questions to ask, we can help! Check out our handy 10 Questions to Ask for all of the questions you should ask your prospective commercial cleaning service.

3. A range of services

You should expect a wide range of janitorial services for contracts large or small. For example, Decca Janitorial Services include:

A professional cleaning service will also provide some wonderful bonuses. Decca Janitorial Services, for example, is committed to Green Cleaning using non-toxic, environmentally-conscious products safe for both human health and the environment.

4. Ensure your professional appearance at all times

When you hire a professional commercial cleaning service, you can rest easy that your business, building, or other commercial space presents positively and professionally at all times.

Your image is vital to your business and bottom line. You want everyone who enters to appreciate the fresh smelling, pristine, and meticulously clean environment every day. To project a clean and professional image is one of the most important factors to your general operations. A presentation that is clean and sanitary, with fresh-smelling air has a subtle yet positive influence on employees, clients, and visitors that provides them with a sense of safety, security, and trust in your business.

On the other hand, a careless, untidy, or dirty appearance, creates the impression that the work you do might be likewise – lesser quality.

5. Healthy staff

When you employ the best commercial cleaning or janitorial service you are taking the appropriate measures to care for the health and wellbeing of your team.

Most bacteria, germs, and viruses thrive in a busy, highly trafficked environment. The more employees, clientele, and visitors you have, the more bacterial, germs, and viruses that will collect.

If their work environment is professionally cleaned and sanitized you can rest easier knowing you have healthier staff who incur far fewer sick days.

6. Increased productivity

The cleanliness of your offices and the productivity of staff likely go hand-in-hand. If the workspaces are clean, there tend to be fewer distractions and better concentration and focus.

There is research to indicate that air quality can impact cognitive function. Indoor air can be more contaminated, in fact, than that outdoors, so maintaining fresh, clean air is vital for employee performance.

If you provide a clean and sanitized work environment for your employees, you will see employee retention numbers remain high year after year along with employee comfort, satisfaction, and productivity.

7. Replenishment of essential supplies

Those office essentials necessary for cleanliness and hygiene – bathroom tissue, paper towels, disposable hand towels, hand soap and sanitizer, garbage bags, and the like – are frequently used and often run out in uneven intervals. As such it can be difficult to keep track of their status and when they need replenishing. Yet another task that is more easily managed by your commercial cleaning service.

8. Manage the risk of liability

When you hire a high-quality and professional janitorial service you enjoy the many benefits of expert, knowledgable, and experienced cleaners who know their jobs very well and are less prone to mishaps. This wouldn’t be the case if you simply relied on your other staff to take on cleaning tasks.

Consider the liability on your business when it comes to employee injury. It’s likely high enough without asking your team to take on more risk clean your company premises.

9. Keep your staff content

Keeping a contented staff should be your top priority if you want a healthy, productive team with less turnover. We know they’ll be much happier if you provide them with a professional commercial cleaning service to maintain their work environment to the highest quality.

If they’re healthy and happy and know that’s important to you, they’ll stay and remain loyal for years to come!

Looking for the BEST commercial cleaning service in Toronto, Ontario to keep your offices, office building, or other commercial spaces as clean as possible? Talk to us!