Get Ready to De-Winter! Your Springtime Office Cleaning Checklist

Say goodbye to winter and hello to warmer, wet and mucky weather. Keep your facilities clean with this springtime office cleaning checklist!

Fresh buds and blooms will be here before we know it! But, as welcome the many signs of spring, we have to take care of the mess left behind by the snow, salt, dirt, and grime of winter. It’s springtime office cleaning time!

As the warmer temperatures take hold, there’s no better time for facility and office managers to spruce things up with fresh, deep cleans as well as a few vital improvements and fixes, particularly after our first tough winter recovering from the pandemic.  To help you prepare your facilities and offices, review this handy springtime office cleaning checklist to ensure your spaces are properly cleaned and maintained from floor to ceiling.

1. Review your facilities thoroughly

Before the springtime office cleaning begins, you need to inspect your facilities throughout. Identify problems, keeping in mind that even a small issue can become a much bigger, expensive problem quickly, if not addressed early on. This should be a very thorough examination that includes your janitorial and maintenance team. Tour your offices and facilities with the help of a trained eye to identify those problems you might not notice on your own.

Long, hard winters make for increased wear and tear, inside and out. Very cold temperatures and excess moisture along with dirt, grime, and salt tracked in from the sidewalks and streets can damage a variety of surfaces and materials, which include:

Floor tiles
Hardwood flooring
Rugs and carpets
Window sills and frames
Floor and door baseboards and trim
Tile and grout
Doors and cabinets
Storage shelves
Light and plug plates

Dust and dirt can hide all over an office or commercial facility – it builds up fast! Be sure to check and clean ceiling fans and air registers. This is the ideal time to clean all of those pesky nooks, crannies, and other problem areas.

2. Deep clean high-traffic and problem floor surfaces

Winter typically takes the worst toll on our facility floors. Anytime anyone enters your facility during the winter months they’re bringing with them snow, rain, slush, salt, mud, dirt, and grime on their shoes and boots. This debris collects on your floors, in your carpets, and in the corners of high-traffic spaces. Layer after grimy, dirty layer.

For floors with hard surfaces, tile, linoleum, laminate, or hardwood sweep, dust, vacuum, and damp mop thoroughly with the appropriate cleaner for the flooring material. Stripping and waxing may be necessary. This includes the baseboards! For carpeted areas, shampoo. Use a commercial carpet cleaner that will effectively extract any debris for a proper deep clean.

Deep floor cleaning should include restroom floors. Outdoor dirt and debris frequently get tracked into those areas, too.

When you work with a commercial janitorial service this springtime office cleaning is done thoroughly and efficiently. And nothing gets missed. With a season’s worth of road salt, grime, and snow tracked throughout your facilities, a professional team will help you identify those areas in need of additional cleaning, care and even repair.

3. Check and test your facility air conditioning

This is the perfect time of year to do a thorough check of your air conditioning system. Better to find any issues now than during the heat of the summer! Your cooling system has sat unused for many months and is susceptible to a buildup of dirt and dust, which can lead to poor efficiency, unpleasant odours, an increase of allergens and even system failure.

These past two years have made the importance of clean air potently clear, so the best way to ensure the health and safety of your employees and visitors is to check and repair your systems before you start using them.

4. Examine the exterior of your facility

Your springtime office cleaning should also include a thorough inspection of your facility’s exterior. Your exterior cleaning and maintenance are important for the safety of employees and visitors and the longevity of the building, but it’s also vital to the impression you make – your curb appeal. Winter weather is hard on wood surfaces and cement. Both are vulnerable to damage, particularly when it comes to those areas, such as main entrances, for example, that receives significant foot traffic.

Ensure that your facilities make a great first impression. Consider any necessary structural repairs, of course, but be sure to sweep, spray, or power wash, walkways, retaining walls, and highly visible structural elements. Wash windows and glass doors! And be sure to inspect the roof. Does it need to be cleaned, gutters emptied, or any repairs?

A springtime office cleaning will make everyone happier!

Did you know? A clean, fresh-smelling workplace helps boost productivity and employee morale. It also reduces absences. When you take the time to deep clean and tackle all the surfaces and corners of your facilities, it’s more inviting and pleasant for everyone. And it’s great for your bottom line.

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