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It ain’t over till it’s clean! Construction isn’t complete when the structure is done – it’s done with thorough construction cleanup.

This year of the COVID-19 pandemic has had a strange and surreal impact on construction across the GTA as well as much of the nation. Rather than bringing renovations and new construction to a stand-still it, it has ramped up demand, much to just about everyone’s surprise.

As demand has grown, builder schedules have become cramped as contractors take advantage of the opportunities available during this bubble. When it rains it pours and you make hay while the sun shines, or so go the cliches. But, to keep up, and do it right as you rack up grateful and satisfied clients who are eager to promote your services, it’s important to see projects through to the very end – a thorough construction cleanup of the building site.

The bottom line is, even in a building boom, construction cleanup shouldn’t be an after-thought. And it shouldn’t be left to your workers, with other skills and expertise, who are likely shifting focus to the next project.

Materials, debris, and other remnants of construction are frequently left behind as the construction crew packs up to leave for the next job. This is where proper construction cleanup needs to come in. Leave your construction cleanup to professionals. Here are several great reasons why hiring a cleanup team like ours at Decca Janitorial Services is how you should wrap up every building project:

Professional construction cleanup saves time

Instead of putting the next job on hold as you assign your construction crew to take on the site cleanup – valuable time and resources spent – a team that is dedicated to construction cleanup will arrive to the site prepared for the all specifics of the cleanup phase of the project.

When you hire a construction cleanup team that is trained and experienced you and your crew can maximize your time and opportunities and move on to get started on the next project. You can shift your time and focus on bigger priorities – new building contracts.

Construction site safety

Obviously, construction sites can be fraught with dangers. They pose significant risk to crew members with limited experience handling construction and demolition materials – wood, glass, various metals, steel, concrete, and asphalt. There are any range of injuries that are common to construction sites such as broken bones, falls, serious cuts and lesions, injuries due to falling objects, and heatstroke, to name a few.

Ensure that your team and their skills and expertise are able to move seamlessly from project to project. Leave nothing to chance when it comes to your valuable construction crew. Hiring experienced construction cleanup professionals will ensure that the cleanup is done safely and efficiently, with appropriate expertise, equipment, and gear as you avoid potential costly injury to your workers.

A cleaning service is more cost-effective than DIY

If you think you’re saving money when you assign your construction crew to do cleanup, you may want to think again.

DIY construction cleanup can actually end up costing you more. In reality, your skilled and experienced crew’s time is better spent getting started on new projects rather than the labour-intensive tedium of wrapping up old. Unless you have staff dedicated to cleaning up your construction sites, you should be leveraging the skills and experience of your crew more efficiently, applying their expertise and best work where you need them – helping you land more work and more profit.

If you choose to task your workforce with site cleanup, you run the risk of wasting valuable time – which means money. You’ll have to review correct procedures, sourcing proper safety gear and equipment, not to mention time spent combing through for anything missed or errors made. When you hire a construction cleanup service, you’re paying for efficient service and know-how, that gets the job done fast and right.

Cleanup done right!

For everyone’s safety, it is vital that you leave a construction site tidy and cleaned up thoroughly. In addition to it being unsightly, there are a variety of health and safety concerns when it comes to an incomplete cleanup. Yes, there are material remnants that pose health risks, but there’s also those factors that might not be so obvious: the inhalation or exposure to toxic materials. For example, it’s not unusual for dust, molds, lead, asbestos, and solvents to be present after construction which can be very dangerous. Hiring a quality construction cleanup company will take all the appropriate measure to enusre no contaminants, debris or toxic materials remain.

Other factors that come into a proper building site cleanup is the proper disposal of any hazardous materials or waste. If done incorrectly, there is the possiblity of expensive penalties or worse, potential injury or harm to anyone exposed, due to negligence. A good cleaning service, who operate under the specific guidelines and protocols, will help mitigate risks, as well as save you time and money.

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