Office cleaning has never been more important. If you know the basics – and do them well! – you can keep your employees healthy, safe, and happy.

For anyone who maintains a clean home, it might be easy to underestimate what’s involved in thorough office cleaning. But, you can’t take shortcuts! Particularly, now amidst the continuing pandemic, a professional-quality clean office is integral to keeping your staff healthy, safe, and happy. Can you do it yourself? Yes, if you’re prepared to commit time and resources. But, with the right approach, you can establish a system of protocols to ensure you do the job right.

There’s a reason office managers and owners hire Decca Janitorial Services to handle their office cleaning needs – we’re thorough and work fast! And the job is always done right. But, if you decide to take on your office cleaning, have a checklist – the standard steps – and follow it to the letter to maintain the cleanest, safest office possible.

Office cleaning in a nutshell – 5 tips:

  1. Dusting. There are a variety of places in an office where dust tends to collect – behind desks and computers, in particular. Dusting thoroughly is a vital factor in proper office cleaning. Dust every surface regularly to stay free of dust, dirt, grime, and of course, the resulting allergens. Regular, thorough dusting will significantly reduce the risk of illness and allergies for your employees. Be sure to dust the following surfaces:
    • Desks – every square inch!
    • Monitors
    • Keyboards
    • Bookshelves
    • Baseboards and doorframes
    • Window frames, sills, and sashes
  2. Vacuuming. Be sure to keep a high-quality vacuum handy in your office to keep your office floors as clean as possible. It’s particularly important if your office has a shared kitchen or breakroom where people eat. Vacuum thoroughly and frequently to collect crumbs, dust, hair, and any other common debris. If your office floors do not have carpeting, plan to mop after each vacuum to take care of any potential stains.
  3. Sanitizing and disinfecting. Office cleaning MUST include sanitizing and disinfecting. To ensure that your office is as clean, sanitary, and safe as possible, you must keep disinfectants on hand to keep surfaces properly sanitized. Use an appropriately effective surface disinfectant cleaner and wipe down all surfaces thoroughly and frequently. The surfaces must include:
    • All desk and table surfaces
    • Monitors, keyboards, computer mouse, and any other devices
    • Writing implements – pens, pencils, and other accessories
    • Countertops, cabinet doors, sinks and fixtures
    • Restrooms – toilets, sinks and fixtures, countertops, hand dryers
    • Doors and doorknobs
    • Light switch plates
    • Any other high-touch surfaces in your office
  4. Consistency. We can’t say enough about the importance of frequency and consistency to keep your office the cleanest and healthiest possible. All spaces should be cleaned once a day. Cleaning every day provides your staff with the peace of mind knowing that they can focus on their work, rather than worrying about the cleanliness and sanitization of their workplace – dirt or germs on the surfaces they use. And if the pandemic isn’t enough to worry about, flu season is now upon us. This means consistent cleaning becomes just that much more important. Keep in mind that deep cleaning should also be conducted periodically, depending on how well you’ve been able to keep up with office cleaning.
  5. Consider hiring a professional team! We can’t talk about thorough office cleaning without addressing the easiest and most efficient way to keep your work environment as clean and sanitized as possible – hire a professional janitorial service. A professional service will take on the entire burden of thorough, consistent cleaning and sanitizing, and let you focus on your business.

Proper office cleaning – in summary:

  • Thoroughly clean your office once a day to ensure cleanliness and sanitization is maintained.
  • Use effective and proven cleaning products that provide appropriate disinfecting and sanitizing.
  • Deep clean occasionally to keep your office spaces clean and sanitized and free of germs.
  • Don’t have time to do what it takes? We understand! We can help you maintain the cleanest office possible – CONTACT Decca Janitorial Services TODAY! 

For over four decades, Decca Janitorial Services has been providing for the needs of businesses in the Greater Toronto Area. We are here to help with all of your janitorial and cleaning needs, no matter the size or scale!