Decca Janitorial summer office cleaning
The beginning of summer doesn’t mean you can ease up on your office cleaning regimen. Stay the course to meet unique summer cleaning challenges.

Office cleaning has to be thorough and well managed throughout the year to ensure your offices are as safe and healthy as possible. But, a change of season should always include a reevaluation to ensure that your techniques and tactics are effective given the unique challenges that each season poses.

Winter challenges are easy to identify — wet, dirty, and messy. Summer, on the other hand, may not be as obvious. But, with challenges such as extreme heat and humidity and the various allergens of the season, it’s vital that extra attention is given to maintain the cleanest, most sanitized, and healthy work environment possible.

Keep your employees, visitors, and customers feeling fresh and safe in your offices all summer long  and take note of the following tips:

1. Extra attention to garbage bins during office cleaning

Nothing will pollute your office air worse than rotting food. The heat of summer, particularly when combined with our usual humidity, can quickly cause perishables to rot and decompose — and smell horrible! It’s very important through these hot and humid summer months to ensure your office cleaning includes frequent garbage removal – each and every day.

Keep in mind that with colleagues leaving on summer vacation, foods may be left in drawers or in the kitchen. Be sure to remind your team to clear out any leftovers or expired foods regularly, and before they leave for their summer vacation fun.

2. Inspect and maintain your air conditioning system

As you fire up the air conditioning after a long winter and spring, it’s vital that you check your air conditioning system is free from contaminants, dirt, and debris. A thorough office cleaning summer regimen must include regular checks and maintenance to ensure sure your cooling system is circulating clean, cool air, and that it’s operating at peak performance and efficiency. If your spaces use ceiling fans to help cool, be sure that the blades are consistently dusted and are free of dust and allergens that will pollute the air when in operation.

3. Sanitize and disinfect workstations

Office workstations are a breeding ground for germs and bacteria, no matter the time of year. And, while viruses tend to flourish in colder, less humid conditions when employees eat at their desks on a routine basis, there tend to be more germs present. Workers tend to drink more in summer and keep beverages at their desks, leaving more chance of spills and germs.

As we’ve learned over the past year, the easier we make it for people to disinfect and sanitize throughout the day, the better. Keep sanitizing and disinfectant wipes in every employee workstation to help them clean up after spills, sanitize hands, and frequently wipe down keyboards, their work surface, and other office essentials.

4. Clean furnishings and floors

Even if your floors may appear free of the obvious messes associated with winter and even spring, they still need to be thoroughly cleaned throughout the summer months. In the summer it will be less about visible dirt or soil, but keeping rugs and carpets free of potentially harmful allergens and dirt that isn’t easily visible. Between seasons, be sure to deep clean area rugs and carpets to draw out not just the dirt and grime, but those impurities that tend to embed themselves deep in the fibres.

Similarly, your office furnishings – chairs and sofas – should be vacuumed and spot-treated and disinfected regularly; deep cleaned seasonally.

It may not be mucky and wet like winter, but with all of us spending more time outdoors, we’re tracking dirt indoors. Your office cleaning should always include thoroughly cleaning floors to address any outdoor dirt and debris that inevitably gets tracked through.

Office cleaning done right…

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