Green Cleaning TorontoDecca Janitorial Services is committed to cleaning with non-toxic, environmentally-conscious products that are both safe for the ecosystem and human health.

Protect the environment and your health with green cleaning solutions

Traditional cleaning products are major contributors to indoor air pollution. This is because many of these products contain toxic chemicals that are high in volatile organic compounds (VOC’s). Eliminating harmful cleaning chemicals from your environment can help minimize adverse effects to your health and increase productivity in the workspace, including fewer sick-days.

Decca Janitorial’s eco-friendly cleaning solutions are not only safe for your staff, but they actually clean better than harsh chemical cleaners!

Health Implications of Harsh Cleaning Chemicals

Studies have shown that some commonly used cleaning products have serious adverse effects on the health of building occupants, janitors and the environment. The EPA believes that levels of indoor pollution can be 2-5 times and sometimes up to 100 times higher than pollutions in the outdoor air.

Implications from the exposure to hazardous emissions to humans include:

  • headaches
  • nausea
  • chronic coughing
  • chest pain
  • eye irritation
  • vomiting, cramps and diarrhea

Other long-term effects include liver and kidney failure, birth defects, brain damage and various forms of cancer.

Environmental Implications of Harsh
Cleaning Chemicals

In addition to human health implications, harsh chemicals can have detrimental effects on the natural environment. Of the 70,000 plus chemicals that are used today, less than 2% have been properly tested for their effects on land and aquatic ecosystems and human health. Some examples of the negative effects on the environment include:

  • smog
  • the inhibition of plant growth
  • endocrine disruption in fish, birds and mammals, and
  • algae blooms that kill aquatic life forms

Green Cleaning Products and Green Cleaning Methods

Decca Janitorial Services uses a selection of Green Seal certified products that are free of hazardous solvents and polystyrene – a synthetic polymer that doesn’t biodegrade in the environment for hundreds of years.

We also implement a LEED cleaning program with strict cleaning protocols designed to reduce the environmental footprint of buildings and facilities, as well as insuring a safe and healthy indoor environment. For more information on the LEED cleaning program, please refer to:
Green Cleaning and LEED for Existing Buildings: Operations and Maintenance.